God-Mode Enabled: How to Win in Life No Matter What


I'm gonna be abroad partying it up for awhile, taking a much needed break before my post-graduate medical training (also known as "hell"). And during "hell," I don't know how much free time I will have for my site. Therefore, I'm not gonna post anything new for a long, long while. But don't worry … [Read more...]

The Boron Letters (Book Review)


title: The Boron Letters author: Gary Halbert (with notes from Bond Halbert) what you'll learn: 47 years of worldly wisdom from a legendary copywriter who got rich, lost everything, and got rich again (and then lost everything and got rich again) Why You Must Read It If you've been around my site, … [Read more...]

What Journey’s Arnel Pineda Can Teach You About Achieving the American Dream


Imagine for a moment ... You're a short, little guy. 5'3" to be exact. You couldn't have weighed more than 130 lbs, soaking wet. You're Asian. And you are going to be the voice of a foreign band -- one which is half-way around the world from home. You did not have it easy growing up. Your mom died … [Read more...]

6 Ways Writing Changed My Life (and Why I Would Be a Lesser Man Without It)


When I write a book I write a book for myself; the reaction is up to the reader. It's not my business whether people like or dislike it. - Paulo Coelho If you ask masters how they first started their craft, they will all point to love. They loved what they were doing. Or they did what they did for … [Read more...]

How to Become Powerful (Part 3)


It is 30 A.D. You're headed to Galilee -- northern Israel. You've traveled very far from your home town. But there is someone that you're just dying to meet. People call him a teacher. Others call him a prophet. Some say he is John the Baptist. Some also say he is Elijah. Most importantly, you've … [Read more...]

Growing a Business (Book Review)


title: Growing a Business author: Paul Hawken what you'll learn: how to build a successful business, even if you have never done it before Why You Must Read It In my article, 4 Reasons Why Powerful Men (and Women) Read, you learn that you should read to find hidden gems that few people know about. I … [Read more...]

Are You Blinded by Obedience?


... if so, I want to sell you the Eiffel Tower. Trust me, I'm a doctor. subject: How Authorities Have Failed You (and What You Can Do About It) --- I may have been called to the dean's office more than anyone else in my medical school class. Meeting with the dean isn't something you should boast … [Read more...]

The Stupidest Things Guys Have Done for Love (OMG, #3 Is the Worst!)


... and what you can learn from them. Once in a while, Quora would send me e-mails about popular questions and answers. One of them caught my attention: What's the stupidest thing you've done for love? Some of the stories ended well, but most of them ended tragically. I have included the 3 stupidest … [Read more...]

5 (and a Half) Timeless Strategies You Can Learn from Victor Pride for Winning the Game of Life


The epitome of greatness is Alexander the Great -- the world's most legendary conqueror -- who was never defeated in battle and who almost united the known world. (Hence, the fitting title.) As great as he was, he did not become who is by himself. He had help along the way. First, he was personally … [Read more...]

Bachelor Pad Economics (Book Review)


title: Bachelor Pad Economics - The Financial Advice Bible for Men author: Aaron Clarey what you’ll learn: how to excel in all aspects of life as a guy in the US Why You Must Read It The first thing I saw on Aaron Clarey's site, Captain Capitalism, was "ENJOY THE DECLINE," (in all its capitalized … [Read more...]