Why Few Women Are in Positions of Power

Answer from one of the few people in academia with common sense: Short transcript: There are a small number of insane men who will do nothing but work 80 hours a week. ... So the end isn't why aren't there more women in position of power, it is why are there any men insane enough ever to … [Read more...]

Dear Son: Seek the Truth

Dear son, Two guys were once childhood friends. They were roughly the same age. They grew up in the rich suburb of a world-renown city and did not have any need unfulfilled. They bonded over their love of sports. They invited each other to their birthday parties and slept over each other's house … [Read more...]

Dear Son: Become a Man

Dear son, Becoming a man is a dangerous choice. You will often find yourself in the minority. The society we live in promotes political correctness, affirmative action, transient bonds, and single moms. (I will touch more upon these in future letters.) Thus, masculine traits of truth, … [Read more...]

Dear Son: Introduction

Dear son, You may think life is not fair. Why can't I be more like little Johnny's father, who was always there to hold his son's hands and guide him through every little speed bump planted by the cruel mistress called Life? Why is it that you had to figure life out largely on your own while your … [Read more...]

What I Learned from Sam Wyly, the Self-Made Billionaire

It was a summer afternoon in 2013. The clear sky and setting sun and piece of mind from taking my second medical licensing exam embodied the meaning of tranquility. I just finished swimming and had nothing else to do. So I took a walk and entered the town's library for the first time. I … [Read more...]

He Had to Choose Between Being Feared or Being Loved and This Is What He Chose

I sat down with my friend in the local cafe the other day and he told me about the difficult decision he had to make at work: "As you know, I was recently promoted at work. It was kind of strange at first because I'm in charge of my former co-workers. These were the same people I joked with and … [Read more...]

The Mighty Waterfall and the Beautiful Little Fish: Chapter 9

One day, a newcomer arrived. She seemed familiar. She was about the size of a child's palm. She had long slender fins and a flowing tail. It was the beautiful little Fish, except she was not as beautiful, save for traces of her previous elegance. Her color was not as vibrant. Her fins and tail were … [Read more...]

The Mighty Waterfall and the Beautiful Little Fish: Chapter 8

For a whole month, the mighty Waterfall poured out in full force. And every day, the wise Cloud visited the mighty Waterfall. The progress was amazing. The algae and the stench were swept away into the ocean. Water lilies and the lily pads inhabited the top of the lagoon again. The surrounding … [Read more...]

The Philosopher’s Stone: How to Create Gold Out of Thin Air

Since the 8th century, man searched for a mystical, elusive item known as the philosopher's stone. According to legends, the stone could turn any metal into gold or silver. The red stone for gold and the white stone for silver. The original intent of alchemy was to create precious metals. Take … [Read more...]

The Mighty Waterfall and the Beautiful Little Fish: Chapter 7

A year passed. More algae infested the lagoon and the smell repelled even the surrounding plant-life. The weak Waterfall was not deterred. He kept squeezing the mountain every day. Despite his valiant efforts, he did not squeeze out a drop of water. He did, however, notice his strength growing. … [Read more...]