Alex’s Story (Part 2): My First Serious Relationship


In part 1, I discovered how freedom, control, power, and money are all meaningless. I reached a point where I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. And yet, I was not happy. Instead, I felt quite lonely. I had no one to enjoy my freedom with. I wasn't happy. Thus, I determined that … [Read more...]

Alex’s Story (Part 1): God Gave Me My Desires and They Were Meaningless


If I had to pinpoint one year that changed my life, it would be 2014. In that year, I graduated from medical school and became a doctor. I subsequently shot my career in the foot and left residency. I published my books and became an author. I attained worldly wisdom. I found freedom ... total … [Read more...]

Swoon (Book Review)


title: Swoon - Great Seducers and Why Women Love Them author: Betsy Prioleau what you’ll learn: how to enthrall women through their emotions Why You Must Read It Have you ever seen an average guy with a beautiful girl? He wasn't tall or good-looking, and didn't look rich. You can't help but turn … [Read more...]

How to Go from Cog to Boss and Earn Much More Than $8 an Hour


Towards the end of last year, after publishing my cog job post, I came across an article about 10 companies who pay their employees the least. Here's what the companies pay their cog workers: 1. Walmart - less than $9 / hr 2. McDonald's - $7.25 / hr (federal minimum wage) 3. Target - less than $9 / … [Read more...]

How an Online Hustler Became an Internet Superstar


Do you wanna become a king of an internet business empire? Do you wanna make money while you sleep? To have your bank account swell bigger and bigger without lifting a finger? Do you wanna quit your soul-crushing job and live life on your own terms? If you've answered "yes," you're not alone. … [Read more...]

6 Lessons from Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba, on Succeeding Against All Odds and Becoming Crazy Rich Along the Way


On September 18, 2014, Alibaba -- the largest online retailer in China -- IPOed at $68 per share. One day later, it jumped to $92.70. The whole company is currently worth $217 billion; it is worth more than even! If you have the tiniest seed of curiosity, you would wanna know about the … [Read more...]

The Young Man’s Jetpack to Success


Champ, Are you shackled to a 9 - 5 job, barely making ends meet, and don't know how to else to survive? If only someone who was in your situation and broke free can show you the way. Do you have extreme social anxiety and piss in your pants every time you think about approaching a girl? If only … [Read more...]

The Fairy Tale Adults Still Believe In: “Everybody’s Equal”


When you were a kid, you believed in nonsense like Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. As you grew into a hoss boss, you shed those silly ideas. But someone people don't grow up. "That's not fair!!!" A child cries out who doesn't get his own way. "That's not fair!!!" A non-boss, non-hoss … [Read more...]

One Month After Leaving Hell


So it’s been a month after my departure from medicine. The big question is … What I have been doing with all my time? I’ve mentioned that I wanna be a better writer and a better entrepreneur. And I’ve been making steady progress towards my goals. I took the first week off. I watched TV and hung out … [Read more...]

Boyd (Book Review)


title: Boyd - The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War author: Robert Coram what you’ll learn: the life of a man who could not tolerate mediocrity, pissed of Pentagon generals, and changed the course of warfare forever Why You Must Read It If you're like most people, you love going to the DMV -- … [Read more...]