An Analysis of Incentives: Why the Police Let the Motorcycle Gang, Hollywood Stuntz, Terrorize the Roads


If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve probably heard about the group of 100 – 200 motor bikers beating up a guy in a Range Rover. For a quick update or a quick refresher, click here.

There’s a lot of public backlash against the bikers over what has happened, and for good reason.

But did you know that the terrorizing has been going on for years? It is not surprising … considering that a lot of the riders have unregistered bikes. Many don’t even have a motorcycle license. They don’t follow traffic lights. They close down highways by blocking traffic. They damage cars and private property. They intimidate other travelers.

So the main question is: Where were the cops? People have been complaining to the police, but nothing has been done until this vicious attack — which sparked national outrage. And if it was not for the huge public outcry, I seriously doubt the police would have done anything.

Why didn’t the police clamp down on the two-wheeled lawbreakers sooner? Does it seriously take the wrath of a nation for the police to do its job?

Here is why the cops did nothing, according to the New York Post:

They’re hell on wheels — and NYPD cops won’t touch them.

The department has ordered cops not to chase after large biker groups like the one that beat a driver near the West Side Highway because of the risk that innocent bystanders or the riders will be killed, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

“The people who are doing this aren’t stopping when police try to pull them over,” one source said, noting that the bikers can simply jump sidewalks and mow down pedestrians to flee cops.

Here is why the cops did nothing, according to NBC News:

And police say they have trouble stopping the bikers, because their machines are so fast and maneuverable that it’s unsafe to chase them through traffic.

Sgt. Brian Brophy of the New York State Police said that officers will stop pursuits of fast bikes when it’s judged too dangerous. “As a trooper you end up terminating these pursuits a lot yourself, for the safety of the public, yourself and the biker,” he said.

“You can’t chase them because they’re crazy,” said former New York and Los Angeles chief of police Bill Bratton, now an NBC News analyst. “They endanger themselves and others.”

The cops’ reasons for failing to take actions are flimsy. So does that mean a SWAT team will leave terrorists alone, just because the terrorists got hostages? That it is just to dangerous to do anything?

Basically, if you are a sociopath or a thrill seeker, who is willing to endanger yourself and others to escape from the law, then you can get away scott free.

And yet, there is no shortage of police giving out parking tickets and speeding tickets to average folks — ordinary citizens who are of no threat to society.

So against people who truly deserved to be punished, let’s not punish them. But when the harmless citizen does something wrong, let’s lay down the law.

Why You Can’t Count on Cops to Save You (and Why They’ll Ticket You Instead)

You wanna know why the police won’t touch Hollywood Stuntz until now? Because there are no incentives to. Take a look at the 6 ways to power from the general population’s side …

1. Money and Assets

The general public is already paying taxes, which helps pays for the police force. They will keep on paying taxes no matter if the police does its job or not. So why risk its life to protect the public?

2. Skills

What can the general public do for the police? Nothing.

3. Affiliation

The general public consists of normal, everyday people. The police don’t get anything from being associated with common folks. Now if it was the mayor of NYC or the president of the USA, it would be a whole different story.

4. Force

The general public is usually very docile and meek. It does not engage in acts of force often. When was the last time you saw a riot?

5. Persuasion

It takes a national event, such as the gang attack on Alexian Lien — the SUV driver, to vocalize the mass. Prior to this incident, there was not enough pressure on the police to do its job. 200 calls a day is not enough incentive for the cops to take down the biker gang. But a few million pissed-off people may be enough.

6. Law

I don’t know of a law that punishes the police for not doing its job. Have you ever heard of a cop thrown into jail or sued for for failing to prevent a crime?

Why Should Cops Work Hard When They Don’t Gotta

Since the public people really has no power to compel the police to protect them, doesn’t it make sense for cops to gravitate towards easy, safe, and revenue-generating roles?

Why would a cop put himself in danger by confronting a gang of 100 – 200 bikers … when he can catch the average, relatively law-abiding citizen and slap her with a hefty fine? By taking the easy route, he won’t lose his life, he’ll have less paperwork, he’ll bring in money for the precinct, and he’ll probably get promoted for bringing in more money.

I bet that if the gang was terrorizing the mayor of NYC, the cops would have responded right away. I bet you that if the gang was terrorizing a cop, the cops would have responded right away.

(Look at how much manpower and resources the LAPD used to catch Christopher Dorner, who went on a killing spree against cops. He was subject to one of the largest manhunts in LAPD history. Heck, the LAPD even issued a $1,000,000 reward for information of his whereabouts. Imagine the number of murders in Los Angeles, CA. How many of them comes with a 7-figure reward?)

But since the common person has no power … as long as the public doesn’t complain too much, the cop will be fine doing a half-assed job.

Think I’m being too hard on cops? Check this out: Several Cops May Have Watched Biker Beatdown.

Frankly, if the bikers did not savagely beat a man trying to defend his family … and if the nation was not in an uproar over this incident, the police would not have taken any action. Hollywood Stuntz would have terrorized the roads for who knows how many more years.

What Does This Mean for You?

There are two lessons you can take away from the Hollywood Stuntz vs. SUV driver incident:

  1. Understand the law of power. Authorities and those that are supposed to do protect society are human. They respond to incentives — rewards and punishments. As a normal, average, powerless person … you are dispensable. The police doesn’t have an incentive to save you. Make an effort to protect yourself, instead of waiting for the cops. Get a gun and learn how to use it.

    Or better yet, have a group of loyal men who will get your back. They will vouch for you and will fight for you. The more loyal and the more fearless … the better. Brothers with these characters are rare.

    Lemme give you a hypothetical example of what a group of loyal men can do for you  …

    Let’s say Alexian Lien was part of the Triad (Chinese mafia) and decided to retaliate. But he’s a smart guy and does not want to get his hands dirty while under heavy public scrutiny. He denies to be interviewed because he is afraid of retaliation. However, his fear of retaliation is all part of an image he puts up. To the public, he seems like a respectable, law-abiding citizen. He has garnered massive public sympathy. But underneath his public appearance, he is a criminal mastermind. He gets his Triad brothers to retaliate. The Chinese brothers drive over to Christopher Cruz’s house in Passaic, NJ and torch it to the ground. (Cruz is the guy who started the whole thing.) Then they flee the scene. Cruz no longer has a house to live in, and may even have lost a loved one or two.

    The police thinks this is done by some crazy vigilante and does not pursue the case too much — especially if no one was hurt. (Again, what are the incentives for the police to solve the case?) No one cries for Cruz, because “justice” has been served. I bet that after the retaliation, Cruz would not dare to brake-check another vehicle every again.

    And even better yet, know how to gain the public’s sympathy and have it fight for you. Be a king of persuasion. When you have the public on your side, you have more power than a king. At least for a brief moment when the mass is on your side.

  2. Have nothing to lose. If you are sociopathic enough, if you are fearless enough, the cops can’t touch you. This is especially true if you literally have nothing to lose. You don’t have anything of value to confiscate. You’ll even welcome a night or two in jail because that means you’ll get free food and a free place to lay your head.

    So why not get an unregistered motorcycle (or boost one) and speed throughout the highways. You don’t even need a license. And if a cop decides to pull you over, ride over to the nearest town and endanger yourself and others. The cop will pull away.

That is why you must always be in control. Do not depend on others, especially if they are not vetted. And if you are fearless and reckless enough, no one will touch you.

But remember …

Just because you can act a certain way and get away with it does not mean you should. Enjoy your power. Enjoy your freedom. But have a bit of humility. No one is untouchable. Just ask the paralyzed criminal-biker, Edwin Mieses. Smart, powerful people know that it doesn’t pay to be hated. So do what you can to avoid hatred — don’t make the mistake that Hollywood Stuntz made.

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    Its a story that unfortunately ended really bad. Living in NYC i see these huge motorcycle clubs riding around crazy having no respect for no one what so ever. They like to pretend they are outlaws and act like it disregarding the law and putting everyone in danger. Hell all you have to do is watch “YOU TUBE” and you will see what I’m talking about. If I’m not mistaken there were cops riding with that group and they did nothing but watch instead of helping Lien.

    Like i said many time before do not depend on the cops to come help you because they will not. They would much rather smack you with some fines and shit.

    Face it you are alone and YOU ALONE will have to step up and solve it. Learn to survive and learn to defend yourself and your family. And to be honest if i was Lien i would have done the same thing but probably worse and might of ran over a couple more.

    In the eyes of the Police we are all sheep! You just gave me an idea

  2. If that was me I would run EVERY SINGLE ONE OVER!


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