Black Players (Book Review)


title: Black Players – The Secret World Of Black Pimps

authors: Richard Milner and Christina Milner

what you’ll learn: black culture, pimp talk, and most importantly … how to control women hoes

Why You Must Read It

Money and success are color-blind. And if you want to be powerful, it would make sense to learn about money and success from others who have achieved them — no matter if they are white, yellow, brown, black, or whatever other color you can think of.

Black Players – The Secret World Of Black Pimps led me to people of a different color, with a culture different from my own. By the end of my journey, I was not only wiser to black culture and the original of today’s modern slang, but also more powerful.

I first learned about Black Players only a few weeks ago. At first, I kept debating if I should get the book or not. I really have no interest in being a pimp. I was leaning towards not getting it until I read a review (with my emphasis in bold):

The story propels a pimp system of beliefs that asserts “square” society — all of us but them — is ruled by women and pimp culture is the last bastion of male domination in the Western world.

In instructional detail, the mechanisms for controlling hos are explained. For any square the psychology of control is not intuitive. Pimps do not shy away from violence but the method of operation is psychological submission. The pimp must be a master of manipulation because the relationship between pimp and ho is an inversion of gender role. The pimp builds alpha magnetism, inspiring the sexual worship of his ho, a conquest so commanding that she becomes the wage earner so she may court his affection, allowing him to have the leisure to shop for fine clothes — quite an inversion.

Originally, I was judging a book by its cover, but I’m so glad I went beyond that. This book is not just about being a pimp. It is about power. Power over women — which is delivered in spades.

The black pimp is really onto something when he can convince a white woman (from a higher social class at the time) to “break” herself and to submit herself to him. How did he do that?

If you thought The Game by Neil Strauss was surreal, Black Players will introduce you to the original game, which completely blows Strauss’ out of the water. Why merely seduce a girl when you can convince her to pay you $$$ to sleep with you? Why indeed.

It is not a popular book. You will never find this in mainstream media. You’ll never read it during high school — women will cry to have it banned. (One of the authors was actually kicked out of the doctoral program for writing it.) But my goodness, is this book wonderful. This is the closest thing to a secret manuscript for controlling women.

The book does suffer from one defect: poor formatting.

New paragraphs form during the middle of a sentence. The formatting between the authors’ thoughts and actual quotes are jumbled together. The conversation among many participants are all lumped together in one huge paragraph. Overall, these make the book a bit difficult to read.

However, if you can get past the poor formatting, you will be rewarded with so much knowledge about power and women — things that you will never learn in another book. Chapter 4 and chapter 6 (see table of contents below) will seriously open your eyes. Those two chapters alone will reveal all there is to know about a pimp’s power over women.

If you are serious about getting power, and if you’re brave enough to rebel against social convention, get Black Players now. You will not regret it.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Player’s World

Chapter 2 – The Setting: Bar Life

Chapter 3 – Talking Game and Slapping Hands

Chapter 4 – Playing by the Book: Man on Top

Chapter 5 – Ghetto Roots

Chapter 6 – Sex, Race, Manhood, and Womanhood

Chapter 7 – The Pimp Game as a Model of the World

Chapter 8 – The Secret America

Choice Excerpt

“A man doesn’t get his freedom,” a pimp asserted; “he has to take it.” In the player’s view, both Black and White males in this country are raised to be tricks, not “real men.” Many pimps in our sample tried to do it “Mama’s way,” only to be hurt and disillusioned when their attempts at square marriage failed miserably.

Brock was brought up to be the ideal trick husband, he says. Although he retains a deep and genuine love for his mother, he believe that under her tutelage he was “a fat calf raised for the slaughter.” Since Brock is so insightful and articulate, we will turn the remainder of this section over to him:

BROCK: What’s wrong with most men in America is he’s really been brainwashed. Since he was a child, they have been brainwashed to be tricks. An average man, White or Black, is a trick, see, and that’s where The Game has its discipline, to turn it all around, you know. From the time you’re a kid, man, your mother, you love your mother. Most males, they go through a period where they’re very close to their mothers and whether their father is the same or different from him, they don’t quite dig Dad. Dad is sort of interfering in the relationship between you and Mom. So you put Dad over here, to the side. If Dad don’t come home from work till twelve at night, it’s cool, I’ll be asleep. And if he leaves in the morning ‘fore I get up, that’s cool too, you know. And Mom takes you up under her wing and what does she do? Don’t pull the little girl’s hair, don’t punch her in the eye, she’s a little girl, you know. They’re taught to be gentlemen.

Now this turns the whole thing around ’cause the mother is going to give it to you from her standpoint of view,  not Dad’s standpoint of view. Mother’s not going to tell you that she’s frigid. She’s freezing Dad out on the nights when he comes home hot and panting. She’s not going to tell you this, see.

So she is, from the time you are a kid, understand, giving you a certain set of values which in reality is a woman’s set of values. She is brainwashing you to the extent of how to treat a woman. She is not teaching you how to be a man. In fact she actually keeps Dad pushed off in a corner away from you so you cannot really get a man’s perspective on it. You can’t really be taught what a man thinks about what Mom has to say.

Now if you are a boy, say twelve years old, and you see Mom and Dad fighting you naturally come to the defense of Mom. You never think that maybe Mom took Dad’s check and went and fucked it off on a new dress or something else frivolous, you know.

Or that she said something derogatory, she insulted his manhood, she was doing something which was degrading him. This thought doesn’t enter your mind. The thought that enters your mind is that Mom’s the one who you sucked on her titty, got the milk out of it, you came out of her womb, you know.

And from the time you were young, she’s the one who changed your diapers, bathed you, made sure that you were clothed and shoed and everything else, so you naturally come to the defense of Mom. And you forget entirely the fact that Dad was the one who made the money that put her in the position to do all these things in the first place. So when you become a man and encounter a women you automatically accept the values which were taught to you here.

My mother taught me to be a trick really. It’s what it amounted to. I think I was twenty-one when I woke up. I was married and I was trying to be just a straight and narrow dude and this was just not me, you know.

And there are things in me right now that I can’t help that have been conditioned over a period of time. I do things automatically, you know. I open doors for old ladies and if I go through a doorway, I’ll hesitate and let the woman go first. I do it and then I catch myself. I’ll think about it as she’s walking by, you know what I mean? “Wow, what are you doing, cat?” But these are the things that are just bred in  more or less over a period of time. When I sit down and eat [makes a gesture as if pulling out a chair for a woman to sit down first] … It’s just certain little mannerisms that she conditioned me to be an out-and-out trick. This is what it amounts to. But I was raised primarily by my mother because my step-father was mostly away, you know.

Get it now!

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  1. how can i get the kindle version?

    • Hey Anonk,

      You can’t unless the publisher decides to release a Kindle version. I totally understand you though because I prefer the digital version too.

  2. DAM! I remember growing up in the Bronx watching these dudes pull up in their fancy Cadillacs dressed to the nines holding their pimp cup and the hoes running up (with money on hand) to see their daddy! I gotta admit i have respect for those fellas because they have power. The power to make a woman want you so much that she is willing to fork over money and work for you? Now that is “Pimping, Pimping!”

    Great Post! Alex

  3. The first book that lead my into the pimp word was Pimp: The Story of My Life

    Awesome autobio.

  4. Omalone1 says:

    Gwiz, found it


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