Church Is Not About Your Happiness, It Is About God’s

There's something weighing heavily on my mind. Since the start of my website until now, I have learned a lot. I adapted and evolved. And sometimes, what I through was correct in the beginning was wrong. When I realize my errors, I admit that I was wrong. For instance, one of my previous articles … [Read more...]

The Tragedy of a Wasted Life

Just a few days ago, a national tragedy happened a little too close to home. Richard Shoop, 20-year-old boy, entered the Garden State Plaza Mall and never intended to leave alive. He shot up the building (without killing anyone) and then shot himself. Before attending medical school, I lived near … [Read more...]

Why I Stopped Going to Church

I hate going to church. I'm not saying this as someone who went for a couple of weeks and then decided to stop going. I'm saying this as someone who has been attending church for pretty much all my life, every Sunday -- for more than 20 years. What I am about to say may not jive with the Bible, but … [Read more...]

My Grandpa’s Unforgetable Last Words

A few months ago, in March, I rushed to my parents' home to two important reasons. First, I had to celebrate my dad's birthday. And second, I to grill meet my sister's boyfriend. According to family traditions (established in 2013), grilling meeting the boyfriend is a whole-family event. So under … [Read more...]

What I Have Learned From Dominating My Grandma in Monopoly

I was watching a documentary a few days ago and stumbled across a soul-piercing speech. You know... One of the most eloquent speakers in the world are preachers. And this speech was given by a Christian pastor, John Ortberg. I want you to listen to it (or read it) and realize that there are more … [Read more...]