How Schools Prevent You from Achieving Great Things

The original article was posted on Apocalypse Cometh. It is so good I had to re-post it here (after a bit of editing). Take at hazard one hundred children of several educated generations and one hundred uneducated children of the people and compare them in anything you please; in strength, in … [Read more...]

Is College Worth It Financially? Not Really

Yesterday night, I had an argument a discussion with my dad and my sister about college. My dad read an article that said even whites are now pessimistic about their future, even though they have been better off than other ethnicities in the past. He thought that if more people went to college, the … [Read more...]

What Colleges Don’t Want You to Know (and How It Will Jeopardize Your Future)

Let me know if this sounds familiar. You go to elementary school. Middle school. High school. College. And if you are really smart and like the academic world (or just unemployed), you go to graduate school. Everyone is doing it, right? Well, I'm here to tell you: Don't go to college. Don't go to … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Schools Are the Biggest Scam of Your Childhood

Who knew that in my mid-twenties, I would still be in school. I mean, come on! I should be making my six-figure salary by now. But I'm not. I still have to wait a few more years before I get there. So as I reflect back on my life, which is basically school, school, and more school, I get a little … [Read more...]