The Secret to Revving Up Your Charisma … No Matter Who You Are

My friend isn't much of a looker. Beady eyes, patchy hair, and stout. The total opposite of tall, dark, and handsome. Yet, he draws in people like flies to honey. Girls love him and fly out on their own dime to be with him. He said, "I never had a girlfriend with looks I'm ashamed of." "This is … [Read more...]

Investment Banking vs Medicine: Which Will Make You Richer? Which Will Make You Happier?

Once in a while, during my free time, I would look up people from my past. They are high school classmates, college classmates, and childhood acquaintances. I'm not so concerned about who they're paired up with, if they have kids, the cool places they've visited, or if they are doing well. And I … [Read more...]