Dream as Unconscious Wish or Prophecy of the Future

Another dream I could not forget:

I was along the beach, vacationing in the tropics, and having fun. Then I decided it was time to head home. I didn’t know where I was.

A girl was beside me. I’m not sure if I recognized her. But I was responsible for her.

I pulled out the map and pinpointed our location. I was in another content, in the southern hemisphere to boot! I had to cross oceans to get back home.

I didn’t freak out. No problem. It’s a hassle but I’ll secure transportation to go back home. I left the girl behind because it was easier to navigate by myself. I walked into an overcrowded building to get a boat home. It was a simple square building with shady-looking people. Whatever. I was in a third-world country and everyone was shady.

I found the man in charge and asked for a seat on the boat. The man in charge told me to come back later. So I left the building.

After a little while, I came back with the girl, expecting transport. But no one was in the building. The building was a mess with my belongs sprayed all over the room. Apparently, the people ransacked my luggage. (I guess I left it there, but I don’t remember doing so.)

A young guy came by right when we were assessing the damage. He too wanted to take the boat and was told to come back later. He helped me figure what happened and brought to my attention the shady man cleared out my bank account — over six-figures gone.

I didn’t freak out. I wasn’t happy, of course. But what could I do? I shrugged.

The young guy left.

I walked around the unfamiliar country and asked a man to help us out to get us back home. But he said, “No.”

I had nothing. No one was willing to get us back home. So I stayed in the strange country. The girl surprisingly stayed by my side.

Then my dream zoom out and I was looking at myself in third person. Except this person wasn’t really me and was acting according to his own volition. I was merely a spectator.

Myself in third person, whom I will refer to ask “protagonist,” stayed in the country and hitchhiked, looking for somewhere to call home. And throughout the journey, the girl stayed by his side.

Protagonist never went back home. He stayed in the foreign country. He applied himself, forged his own path, and became a mega success. He was well-to-do, famous, and had a family with the girl at his side. He had two kids.

He became such a famous actor, the newspaper sent people to take his photos and to interview him. One of the reporter was the man who refused to help the actor (me) get home earlier on.

When the reporter realized who the actor was, he had an astonished look on his face. The reporter was reluctant to cover the story but had no choice.

Protagonist’s photograph made the front page of the newspaper, with the two kids on his lap and the wife behind him. I remember the face of one of the kids, but could not remember the face of the wife. The article about the protagonists took up several pages, after the front cover photo.

In the end, protagonist had everything — wealth, fame, family — despite how the odds stacked against him. And a soft payback to the people who wronged him.

I wonder if the dream is my unconscious wish or a prophecy of my future. Or neither because I can’t imagine kids and wife in my life.

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