God-Mode Enabled: How to Win in Life No Matter What


I’m gonna be abroad partying it up for awhile, taking a much needed break before my post-graduate medical training (also known as “hell”). And during “hell,” I don’t know how much free time I will have for my site. Therefore, I’m not gonna post anything new for a long, long while. But don’t worry … in the meantime, I’m gonna work on a very ambitious, but insanely useful book.

Before I disappear, I shifted through my articles and chose to leave you with the most bad-ass one. This may be the only article you will ever need to read to dominate the game of life.

The first computer I ever got was an i386. It was a hand-me-down piece of junk from a family friend. The computers today start up Windows automatically. But back in the dark ages, computers started up in DOS. From DOS, you had to type in the command, “win,” to run Windows 3.11. It took about 10 minutes to load Windows and 5 minutes to load up Microsoft Word.

Like any boy with a new computer, I got into computer games. My good friend hooked me up with a copy of Doom, the grand-daddy of first-person shooters. I was young (and inexperienced with first-person shooters) and just wanted to play the game without dying. So I did what any person would do …

I cheated. I typed in “iddqd” and turned on god-mode. Nothing could kill me now. I could run up to any monster and cut him down with a chain saw. I was unstoppable.

Now if only life was this easy. Don’t you wish you can turn on god-mode with a secret code?

My friend, I got great news. You can turn on god-mode. You will never have to lose ever again. Before I tell you what it is like and how to turn it on, let me first tell you what life is like with it off — dud-mode.

The Life of JZ

I have a friend, JZ, who most people would consider successful. He has no debt, no wife, a prestigious profession, and quite a sizable asset. However, he has one major flaw:

He loses in life.

It doesn’t matter how neatly-packaged the opportunity is. It doesn’t matter how desperately he wants something.ย  It doesn’t matter how much support he has. He does not take any action. He does not take any risk.

His biggest wish is to find a good girl to marry and to start a family with. Naturally, I urged him to meet a lotta different girls. But it was no use. Not only is he extremely shy and socially awkward (which are traits anyone can overcome), he sees the worst case in every situation.

A months ago, we went out to eat. I turned to him and asked, “JZ, you see that waitress there? Why don’t you talk to her?”

“No, she’s probably sick of guys hitting on her all day,” he responded.

“Look around you. The customers are either old or married. I doubt that she gets hit on all that much.”

“True.” And he continued to sit there silently.

To prove that talking to random girls is really no big deal, I flagged the waitress over and began talking to her. “Hey, I have a question for you. If I pay by credit card and write down the tip, do you get the full amount?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Oh ok. I just wanted to make sure that the owners were not pocketing money that belonged to you. Well, what’s your name?”


I looked at her name tag and noticed it had a different name.

She noticed and said, “Don’t worry about the name tag. I just took one from a pile.”

I chuckled. “Well, nice to meet you, ‘Amy.’ I’m Alex. One of the reason why I’m talking to you is because I thought you’re cute.”

She blushed. “Thanks.”

“You see, the gentleman sitting across from me is a doctor and he is looking for a good girl. However, he’s a little shy. So when I saw you, I thought you may be that good girl. Do you have a boyfriend?”

She seemed a bit surprised and laughed. “Oh, sorry. Yes, I have a boyfriend.”

“That’s too bad. When do you get off of work?”

“Around 11.”

“Hmm… Well, after work, why don’t you hang out with me and my friend?”

“What do you have in mind?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. We can catch a movie or something.” (I know this is a stupid plan, but I wasn’t exactly making a lotta mental effort.)

She thought about it for a second. “I can’t. I already have a boyfriend.”

So I continued to talk to the girl. I found out how long she worked there, where she lived, etc. I could tell she was mesmerized. JZ actually worked up a bit of courage to interject here and there. Right before we left the restaurant, she came running after us. JZ forgot his jacket and she was nice enough to return it.

Although I showed JZ how easy it is to strike up conversation with a random girl, he just can’t do it. As in he does not even try! Whenever I urge him, I get the same response: No, because

JZ already lost the battle. The girl did not reject him. He rejected himself. And if he keeps this up, I doubt he’ll ever find a girlfriend without some serious intervention.

He lives life in dud-mode. Now, let’s focus our attention to god-mode.

God-Mode Decoded

When you turn on god-mode, life is quite liberating. No matter what you do, you win. It is like typing “iddqd” in Doom, running up to the monsters with fireballs exploding in your face, shrugging them all off, and bringing a chainsaw down onto their sternum … turning them into ground meat.

Lemme give you a few real-life examples …

You hit on a waitress? You already won. Why? If she goes out with you, you win. If she rejects you harshly, you still win. (In the latter case, you now know not to waste time on her.)

You start a business? You already won. If you make money, you win. If you fail, you still win. (You are now a little wiser about business.)

You get into trouble and have to meet with authority? You already won. If you get away scot-free, you win. If you get punished with jail time, you still win. (You’re probably shaking your head at this. But most likely than not, incarceration will be a new experience. You’ll meet people you rarely associate with. You’ll learn things you will never have known in a square life. You’ll get free room & free meal. You’ll have time to meditate and write. Gary Halbert went to prison and he turned out okay. In the process, he wrote The Boron Letters.)

Don’t think that god-mode is limited to a select few. Anyone can turn on god-mode. How?

In 2 easy steps:

  1. reframe optimistically
  2. position yourself not to lose

How to Reframe Optimistically

When I was in Spain, I visited a winery with my friend (who is way different than JZ). On our way there, we saw a homeless man sleeping in a large cardboard box. This was a strange sight, because I did not expect to see a homeless person in a tourist spot.

I pointed out, “Hey, look. That’s a homeless guy sleeping in a cardboard box over there!” (I am an awesome ability to state the obvious.)

My friend replied, “That’s pretty sweet. At least he’s out of the sun and gets to sleep until noon.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty cool.”

Do you see what he did there? He shifted my perspective from homelessness (bad) to freedom to sleep in (good). That is an example of reframing optimistically. Reframing, the changing of perception, is a skill for the dominant and mentally strong.

My friend in Spain is what most guys would consider “alpha.” He’s tall. He’s athletic. He’s good-looking. He gets girls. He gets his way. When he reframes optimistically, it is hard for me to disagree. Who wants to be seen as a worry-wart — someone who is uncool and unconfident?

It took me 8 years after that event to internalize reframing … to do it subconsciously. But my goodness, it is well worth it! When bad becomes good and when good becomes great, you can face the toughest adversity and keep pushing forward. It strengthens your resolve and steels your perseverance.

Before you can reframe consistently, you must have unbridled self-confidence, almost to the point of arrogance. You reject other people’s point of view and adopt your own. What do they know? If they knew so much, how come their lives are so mediocre?

(Wanna know a cool fact that will make you seem sophisticated? Spanish champagne is known as cava.)

How to Position Yourself So You Cannot Lose

When you master optimistic reframing, almost nothing can touch you. Sure, you can still die. Seemingly bad things can still happen to you. But good and bad, apart what is set in stone by God, is a matter of the mind. (Think about religious zealots. They can die. But if they believe the afterlife is even better than their current life, death won’t faze them. Death, which most people consider bad, is now good.)

Again … If one thing happens, you win. If someone else happens, you win too. You cannot lose!

The best example of positioning yourself so you cannot lose is during negotiations. And apart from what is set into stone by God (i.e. law of gravity), everything in life can be negotiated. When you are negotiating and are willing to walk away, you are more likely to get what you want.

Let’s say I am the only doctor in 100 miles radius. My patients love me. They also need me. However, I don’t need them to make a living. Previously, I was an accountant so I have skills I can fall back on if I cannot practice medicine.

For some reason or another, the state medical board threatens to take away my license. Other doctors will plead and beg for a second chance when they meet with the board. Instead, I go on the offensive.

First, I bring a lawyer to the meeting. The lawyer will make sure I get my legal rights and will act as a reminder that they can answer to someone even higher up — a court system. (Doctors, even those who make up the medical board, are deathly afraid of courts.)

Second, I tell them they can take away my license. I can make money doing something else. But they can deal with all of my pissed-off patients who lost their only doctor. With the lawyer and the pissed of people, they will think twice about taking away my license.

If the medical board backs off, I win because I can continue practicing medicine. But if the medical board attacks, I also win. I will seem like a martyr who is trying to do what is right for the people. I will garner much public support and sympathy. Also, I will have a new experience. Maybe I will publish a book on how to fight medical boards. Maybe I can coach people who are going through the same thing and potentially make even more money.

In this theoretical example, I not only reframe, I also position myself not to lose. Whatever happens, I can derive some benefit. (At the same time, my opponent will have to wade through a world of hurt if he wants to engage in battle.) On top of all that, if I lose my medical license, I still have my accounting skills. I am not dependent on anyone, especially not a medical board, to live.

No matter what happens, I will have a roof over my head, food for my belly, and fun for my happiness. No matter what happens, I will keep pushing forward. I will not lose.

That is also how Wall Street works. They make money if they earn money for you. They make money if they lose money for you. They make money when the stock market goes up. They make money when the stock market goes down. They get their money no matter what.

Why do you think 20% of America’s wealth goes to Wall Street, without Wall Street giving the same value in return? Because it is heads I win, tails you lose.

Getting Girls with God-Mode On

As you come to the end of this article, let’s circle back to back to JZ …

When it comes to girls, JZ has dud-mode on. I have god-mode enabled. I have no problem talking to anyone, no matter how hot or how ugly she is. I have no problem saying the stupidest things. Why? I have no problem being myself. (I guess that makes me naturally stupid.)

Why do I have such boldness many other guys lack? Let’s go back to the 2 steps to enable god-mode:

  • Optimistic reframing. If I get her number and we hang out, that’s cool. If not, I have more time for my current girls and current projects. Either way, something is happening. My life keeps on moving forward.
  • Positioning yourself so you can’t lose. Pay attention to this because it could potentially save you from the poor house. It is kinda like how I have other skills I can fall back on in case I cannot practice medicine in the future. You must take active steps to cover your behind. Imagine what could go wrong and have a contingency plan. In terms of relationships, the worst thing that can happen is betrayal: Your wife backstabs you, takes your kids, and steals your assets. That is why I won’t get married and I won’t have a kid. Again, I won’t get married and I won’t have a kid.

    (I would rather put my time and effort into building up an empire, rather than raising a family.)

    If the girl is someone who I like, I will keep on spending time with her. I have no problem sharing what I have with her. I will love her … conditionally. She must continue to be pleasant and loyal. I have neither room nor time for a nasty harpy. If she voluntarily changes for the worst (not including accident, disease, or some other event out of her control), I cut her out of my life and replace her with someone else. With no marriage and no kids, I can walk away without losing anything.

    If the girl is pleasant and loyal, I keep her. If the girl is unpleasant and disloyal, I find someone else. Either way, I don’t lose.

    (Chances are … The girl will not change for the worse. You willingness to dump her will keep her in check. Unlike in a traditional, government-sanctioned marriage, she will have too much to lose if she leaves this relationship.)

When you live life with god-mode on, you can’t lose. When you can’t lose, you’ll be bold. And when you’re bold, you’ll go after what you want. And when you go after what you want, you will eventually achieve your destiny.

Greek myths talk about gods walking among mere mortals. But as you can see, gods really do walk along this earth.

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  1. Antonio says:

    Very interesting article, but cava is Spanish champagne, not wine in general.

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey Antonio,

      You’re 100% right, and that is what I meant. I changed my words to better reflect that. Thanks!

  2. Bro!
    First i want to wish you a fantastic vacation! Have a lot of fun, bang some bitches and don’t get arrested!! LOL

    This God Mode thing you are talking about is very interesting! To always find something positive regardless whether its good or bad is a good thing. I’m going to have to start doing that!
    Again have a great vacation bro!

  3. Great article…..especially the part about not getting married and having a kid. You should write an article strictly about that. The pros or cons…

  4. A, great work. I truly hope your hiatus does not go for too long, I’d miss your posting. But having a book on the way sounds like something to look forwards to.

    I admit I have to learn to reframe a few pillars of my own life right now. There are times when negativity and doubt looms and I forget to utilise the power of reframing for positive.

    • Alex Ding says:

      Thanks, Hugo!

      We’ll see how long I take a break for. Right now, there is just too much I wanna do and not enough time to do it all.

  5. I am old enough to remember playing doom when it first came out and using god mode made the game extremely boring. Otherwise great article, and awesome site!

  6. Town god mode On ๐Ÿ˜‰ because im first time Here..

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