Happy New You!


On January 1, your family and friends will undoubtedly wish you a Happy New Year. But what they really mean is a Happy New You. You see … when the new and the unknown lay before you, anything is possible.

Well, the current year is quickly approaching the end, and a new one is soon upon you. That means it is now a good time to stop and reflect on who you were … and plan out who you’re gonna be.

Reviewing the Past Year

Last January, think about all the things you wanted to accomplish. Did you meet your goals? Chances are … you failed.

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolutions. That means 92% of people fail to reach their goals in the past year! New businesses have a better chance of surviving their first year than people have in fulfilling their goals!

If you’re among the 92%, there is no need to beat yourself up. You’ll get another chance in the coming year. The reason you fell short of your resolutions is because you did not know how successful people achieve their goals. But I’m going to change that. I’m going to show you the fool-proof, 2-step formula of attaining your New Year resolutions.

(Warning: What I am about to show you is seriously fool-proof. But it ain’t lazy-proof.)

How to Achieve Your New Year Resolutions in 2 Easy Steps

… or as I like to say, how to create the happy new you.

This is what most people do on January 1.

First, they have a list of goals that is 2-pages long (singe-spaced, 10-point font).

Second, they plan to achieve each goal through a complex combinations of rituals and nonsense …

You wanna lose weight? Then eat certain foods at a certain amount of time in a certain amount of quantity. Then you go to the gym and do certain exercises for a certain amount of reps / sets. Then you take a certain supplement at a certain time of day. If you’re like most people, your head is already hurting by all the different crap you gotta do. It may be easier to plop down on your couch and munch on Cheetos all day.

You wanna get girls? Then approach a girl in a certain way with a certain line. You don’t wanna appear too desperate, but you wanna let her know what you are interested. So make sure you touch her in a certain way and in a certain place. This helps her connect with you, but do not overdo the touching. Make sure you act a certain way so you appear alpha and make sure you throw a certain insult to make her feel insecure. But then tell a certain joke so the girl won’t get too offended. Then go for a certain close, known as the kiss-close. If you’re like most guys, this is way too much effort. It may be easier to plop down in front of your computer and pick-up internet hotties.

You wanna make money online? Then buy a certain product that promises you instant riches. And spend an exorbitant amount of time to learn certain “hacks” to make search engines love your website. Invest a lot of time to build a certain amount of links, covering a certain keyword. Then just slap a certain crappy e-product on the site and you’ll make lots of money. If you’re like most people, your “making money” hobby will actually cost you money, instead of make you money.

You wanna know what 99% of people do wrong?

They over-complicate things!

Therefore, lemme teach you the 2-step, fool-proof formula for attaining your New Year resolutions (and becoming the new you).

Step 1. Have Just One Goal

Which is better: accomplishing 1 resolution, or failing at 5 of them? Most people would choose the first option.

It is very hard to do many things well. It is much easier to do one thing well. So, have one objective and focus on it for a year. If you wanna lose weight, then focus on that. It should consume everything you think about and everything you do. Don’t throw in goals of being a mack-daddy or being daddy warbucks.

Do. One. Thing. Well.

Once you get so good at meeting your goal, where you can lose weight without a second thought, then branch out into girls, money, or whatnot.

Step 2. Take Just One Step Towards the Goal Every Day

Remember how the old you would try to lose weight, get girls, and make money? Well, scrap that.

In the interest of the KISS principle (also known as “keep it simple, stupid”), this is how you would approach each resolution …

You wanna lose weight? Eat less calories, move more.

You wanna get girls? Approach girls and ask them out.

You wanna make money? Become skilled, exchange value for money.

There is no need for complex rituals, and unnecessary jumping-through-hoops. Complexity is a barrier to your success. Making a simple goal complex doesn’t help you achieve it. Instead, do something simple … but do it every day.

I guarantee that if you take simple steps (even 1 tiny, baby step) every day, you would reach your goal. You will be among the elite 8% (the achievers), instead of the common 92% (the failures).

The funny part about taking simple steps every single day is that your behavior will be a part of who you are. The daily actions will turn into a habit. A couch potato will eventually become addicted to the gym. A shy nerd will instinctively open up to girls (even the really cute ones). An average student will think of money-making opportunities everywhere he goes.

The idea or goal is simple. The execution is hard.

A Year in Alex’s Life

I am proud to say that I have done more this year than any other year of my life. And that’s exciting … because who knows what next year will be like.

I have a confession to make though. I didn’t make a New Years resolution. (Yet, I bet I’ve accomplished more than most people who did make one.) Instead of thinking about my goal for only 1 day, I thought about it for 365 days. Every day, I thought about entrepreneurship, especially online businesses. Therefore, every action I take brings me one step closer to my goal.

In a nutshell, here are some of the things I’ve accomplished in 2013 (while slaving away in medical school):

  • I passed 2 medical licensing exams. Each exam takes a whole day and is a total beast.
  • I started 2 new websites (including the one you’re at right now).
  • I saved a company 5-figures in fees, by doing only 1 hour of work.
  • I sold my first product online. (Technically, I sold it at the end of 2012.) And I have continued to sell many more over the year.
  • I made $200 per hour doing consulting.

I’ve listed these things not to brag about how good I am. Instead, the purpose of the list is to let you know what you can accomplish by following the fool-proof, 2-step formula of becoming the new you.

Remember the art of Kaizen, which is Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the best.” Become a better person every year. Not only that, become a better person every day. You can only do that if you take a step, no matter how small, towards the new you.

Tell me, what is the #1 goal you have for the new year?

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  1. Alex Great Post!

    Your two step process is really a good idea and it looks so simple to follow! Anyway what i want to do next year is to finish a book I’m writing. I have been putting it off for a while even though I’m like halfway towards the middle.

    I think i should make that my priority!

    It looks like you are well on your way to having a great New You as well!

    Again Great Post Alex and a very Happy New Year to you and your family!

    • Hey Jose,

      Good to hear from you.

      Dude, you should really write a book. I think you have a lot of offer about becoming a better man.

      Happy New Year and Happy New You! God bless!

  2. Something that kills a lot of people is that they get discouraged about failing. People will fail once and lose that feeling of it being perfect and give up. Don’t be afraid of it getting dirty. Just keep going forward.


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