How to Become Powerful (Part 2)


A few days ago, you have learned how to acquire the first of the 2 parts of power — needing someone less (or becoming self-reliant and free).

Now you will learn how to acquire the second part — getting someone to need you more (or becoming invaluable and indispensable).

Remember, the fundamental two parts will never change. Engrave them into your being. If you can master both parts, you will be both an unmovable object and an unstoppable force.

Getting Someone to Need You More — Becoming Invaluable and Indispensable

When striving to become self-reliant and free, all you needed were will and inner fortitude. You did not have to rely on anyone else. You could not rely on anyone else, even if you wanted to.

But when striving to become invaluable and indispensable, you must involve someone else. This will make the second part a wee bit more challenging. Still, it is doable.

Understand that it is hard to become invaluable to everyone. Unless you are the government or a monopoly, getting everyone to need you will be almost unachievable. However, you don’t need all people dependent upon you. You just need enough of them.

If you are invaluable to enough people, you can acquire the second part of power.

It’s all well and good. So how do you get someone to need you more? How do you become a necessity?

In the following 6 ways:

  • money and assets
  • skills
  • affiliation
  • force
  • persuasion
  • law

Way #1 – Money, Assets, and Things

You have probably heard that money makes the world go around. Money is so crucial — almost everyone wants it, almost everyone needs it. People create great works for it. People commit unforgivable atrocities for it.

Money is a master. It can compel people to sacrifice their health for it. It can compel people to wake up at ungodly early hours for it. It can compel people to sit in a 10′ x 10′ space for hours upon hours for it. It can compel people to give strangers their body for it. It can compel people to lie for it. It can compel people to kill for it.

If you have the money, you have the power. Control the flow of money and you will control the flow of the relationship. As long as you have money, you will become invaluable.

Way #2 – Skills

Money, gold, precious stones, and other assets by themselves do not accomplish anything. They cannot grow food. They cannot build shelter. They cannot love you. You can trade them for services, but they themselves are inert. Without other people, money is useless.

True value lies in people. If you had the skills, you can feed an empty stomach. You can put a roof over your head. You can make a person feel like she is on top of the world.

If enough people need your skills and there are few suitable replacements, they will depend on you. Once people depend on you, you will have power. If you’re the only doctor in a 100 mile radius, you can pretty much do whatever the heck you want to do. If you’re only opened for 1 hour a week and want to be paid in chickens, what can your patients do? Not a whole lot, but follow your wish.

One you are in a position of power, you can acquire money. And as noted above, money leads to even more power.

Way #3 – Affiliation

Listen up. Affiliation needs a bit more explaining than the other “ways.”

It basically means the unseen benefits of being around you.

For example, if you are a young and beautiful girl, lots of guys will want to be around you. It boosts their ego, boosts their status, and boosts their fun.

If you are famous, lots of fans will flock to you. It excites them and gives them an experience they can talk about.

If you are a successful, charming, and powerful man, lots of girls will want to marry you. Whoever ends up as your lucky wife will enjoy a higher social status, security, and jealousy from her female friends.

A few things can increase your affiliation: good-looks, good personality, good family, high social status, and fame. This is why men use steroids and spend so much time in the gym. And this is why girls spend so much money on makeup and plastic surgery.

So many people spend their money and time here, but it is the least effective way to power.

Way #4 – Force

The previous three “ways” of power focus on rewarding the other person. Force focuses on harming the other person. If he doesn’t do what you say, you will harm him. If he does what you say, you won’t harm him.

Force is generally frowned upon in any civilized society. Violence, abuse, and murder are all viewed negatively. And for good reason. A society would collapse if murder was allowed. If you’re a part of a society where lots of its members are killed, you’ll get out or be killed. Soon enough, that society will have no one.

However, force is a way to power. If you seek power (and you should), you should not dismiss force. Publicly denounce force, but privately embrace it. The act of force, by itself, does not give you power. The fear it generates does.

It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both. – Niccolo Machiavelli

Way #5 – Persuasion

If I had to pick only 1 “way” of becoming invaluable and indispensable, this would be it.

Persuasion is a skill, so it could technically be a part of Way #2. However, I decided to give it its own section because it is a skill that surpasses all other skills.

When you successfully persuade someone, you’re not really offering any definable value to a person’s life. However, the indefinite value could be so much greater. For example, if you’re a doctor, you can help someone live longer. With your help the guy has a good chance of living into his old age. But if you’re a persuader, you can change someone’s frame of mind. Through your persuasion, you may turn a common street beggar into the next king.

Right now, I am persuading you. You might be a little puzzled right now, so let me explain. Yes, I am teaching you, but I am also persuading you. I am persuading you to see me as an authority on power. I am persuading you to see the world in terms of power — so you may be in control of your life and more.

The cool thing about persuasion is that it can scale. I can send a letter to all the households in a certain area, asking them to buy my product. That can bring me money. I can set up a website dedicated to a certain topic. That can bring me authority. I can produce an advertisement to be shown during the Super Bowl. That can influence the minds of the mass.

Persuasion allows you to control, without being in control. With persuasion, I can influence those more powerful than me to do things my way.

In your path to power, do not neglect this.

Way #6 – Law

Law is a funny way to power. It is a man-made restriction, set by the powerful, on how you can live your life. It involves money, force, and persuasion. Have you ever heard of the golden rule? The one with the gold makes the rules. This is especially true in the US, when big corporations have politicians and lobbyists in their pockets. Law is enforced by force. If you break it, you must pay up or go jail. And during a trial, if you can persuade the jurer and the judge to trust you more than the other guy, you win.

Knowing the law allows you to game society without getting into too much trouble. For example, let’s say you have a factory. The factory produces a lot of waste, which has to go somewhere. Let’s say there is a law that forbids your from dumping waste in rivers and other water sources. But there is no law about polluting in the dirt or in the air. So you decide to burn up the waste. You dump the ashes into the ground and release the smog into the air. Technically, you have done nothing wrong and you would not get punished by the government. The people around you wouldn’t be too happy, but legally, they cannot do a thing — until the laws change.

The true power of law does not come from following it and gaming the system. The true power comes from creating law to suit your purposes.

The Truly Powerful Man

If you want to wield the second part of power, either to secure your own freedom or to control others, you must adopt at least 1 of the 6 “ways” into your life. However, it is best if you adapt all 6 “ways.”

The more “ways” you incorporate into your lifestyle, the more power you will have.

Once you have obtained the two parts of power, you will truly be powerful. You will be among the top 1% most powerful people in the world. Whatever you want, you will most likely get — money, women, control, respect, freedom, peace, war  …

You wanna know what’s so funny about power? The more power you have, the more power you will get. It is like a snowball rolling down a snowy mountain. Being invaluable and indispensable increases your options. More options increases your self-reliance and freedom. More freedom increases ways you can become more indispensable. It is a never-ending cycle.

Most people are content living like an ant. They are willing to slave away for the queen. Once in a while, they may get a chance to mate with her. But what are the odds. 1 in a 1,000? 1 in a 1,000,000? The common man lives to work. They will never get to enjoy the full fruits of their labor. They will never be in control. Then they die.


But that won’t be your life, stuck in some kind of ant colony … for you are not like most people. You have chosen to be free. You have chosen to be in control. You have chosen to be the powerful man.

Seize it.

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