How to Get Rich (Book Review)


title: How to Get Rich – One of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets

author: Felix Dennis

what you’ll learn: the real truth about getting rich

Why You Must Read It

Do you want to get filthy rich? Who am I kidding. Of course you do.

In that case, you must get this book. If there is only one book you can ever read about getting rich, this is it. Most of the other books about wealth and money are simply ego-masturbation — you’ll feel good and motivated, but it doesn’t do much else. They’ll tell you that all you have to do is imagine the money. Then you’ll magically get some great idea and instantaneously get fabulously wealthy.

What a bunch of utter nonsense.

You won’t get that from this book. There is no nonsense at all. It won’t be about your imagination. It won’t tell you to come up with great ideas. And it certainly won’t be quick.

You will not get a bunch of theories. Instead, you’ll get concrete actions that work in the real world.

This book is part biography, and part how-to manual. You will learn how the author himself got rich. (And no, he didn’t get rich by writing “how to get rich” books.) And he’ll explain what you must do and who you must be if you want to end up like him.

As someone who has mingled with executives, CEOs, and the ultra-successful, I can vouch that the book is the real-deal. The information is solid, true, and raw. (Read the table of contents and choice excerpt below and see for yourself.)

One warning though: it won’t be easy. Not many people can do what he says. And not many people can become like him. Being rich has its own sacrifices.

However, if you are set on piling up the cash, or just want to see how someone else did it … do yourself a serious favor and get this book right now!

Table of Contents

Preface – Can This Book Really Make Me Rich?

Introduction – How Rich?

Part I – Reasons Not to Get Rich

  • 1. Pole Positions
  • 2. A Million to One

Part II – Getting Started

  • 3. Harnessing the Fear of Failure
  • 4. The Search
  • 5. The Fallacy of the Great Idea
  • 6. Obtaining Capital
  • 7. Never Give In
  • 8. The Five Most Common Start-Up Errors

Part III – Getting Rich

  • 9. Cardinal Virtues
  • 10. A Few Words About Luck
  • 11. The Art of Negotiating
  • 12. Ownership! Ownership! Ownership!
  • 13. The Joys of Delegation
  • 14. A Piece of the Pie
  • 15. The Power of Focus

Part IV – Trouble-Shooting & Endgame

  • 16. Whoops!
  • 17. A Recap for Idlers
  • 18. How to Stay Rich
  • 19. The Eight Secrets to Getting Rich
  • 20. Remember to Duck!

Choice Excerpt

It is my hope that this book will cause you to consider very carefully whether you are truly driven by inner demons to be rich. If you are not, then my earnest and heartfelt advice to you is: do not on any account make the attempt. What are riches anyway, compared to health or the peace of mind that even a modicum of contentment brings in its wake? In and of itself, great wealth very rarely, if ever, breeds contentment.

Believe me, I know. I am both an entrepreneur and a poet. Perhaps it is the poet typing these words now and not the entrepreneur. But no condescension is intended whatever when I ask you to quietly turn over in your mind whether or not you are fit to be rich. Whether the sacrifices involved — not only your own, but those you will ask of your family, present or future — are worth the tyranny that such ambition, by its very nature, exacts.

Never yet have I met a self-made rich man or woman whose family or personal relationships were not plagued by the burden of creating a fortune, even a small fortune. A rocky marriage; lack of time spent with their children; the substitution of expensive gifts to repress guilt created by their frequent absences from home; the concern that their children have grown used to privilege and are consequently slacking in their education or lacking in ambition — all of these come as part and parcel of self-made wealth.

There is no escape, although each of us believes we can be the exception that proves the rule. Is this a price you are prepared to pay?

And there is worse yet. Such an attempt, without the conviction to sustain it, can bring the worst of all the worlds, for if a person does achieve wealth, at great personal sacrifice, they will have at least acquired a vast fortune in assets or in cash. But to make the attempt without sufficient passion and commitment, knowing in your heart of hearts that you lack the conviction to succeed, risks the suffering of a self-inflicted plague without even the consolations the loot may bring.

Do not mistake desire for compulsion. Only you can know the song of your inner demons. Only you can know if you are willing to tread the narrow, lonely road to riches. No one else can know. No one else can tell you either to do it or to refrain from the attempt. When the going gets tough, when all seems lost, when partners and luck desert you, when bankruptcy and failure are staring you in the face, all that can sustain you is a fierce compulsion to succeed at any price.

Somewhere in the invisible heart of all self-made wealthy men and women is a sliver of razored ice. The love of another, or of family (or of their God, if they have one), can help contain it. Seeking wealth will release that sliver to grow. It is in the nature of the beast. If you do not wish it to grow, then quit any dreams of being wealthy now.

Get it now!

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  1. SOLD! Hey let me ask you i’m interested in learning copywriting where did you start?

    • Hey bro,

      It’s pretty cool that you’re asking about copywriting. I planned out a whole section all about copywriting on my site.

      But since its not up yet, I’ll direct you to some awesome resources to help you get started:

      1. Go to and read all 25 “Boron Letters.” I got interested in copywriting by reading them.

      2. Next, go to and download the first 9 sales letters. Then I want you to recreate the letters. Some people write them out by hand. Others type them out. Personally, I typed them out because that is how I write. (The last time I wrote an essay out by hand was in 6th grade.) It may seem silly, but when you recreate a masterpiece sales letter, you can get a feeling for what made it so good. Seriously, do this part because if you pay attention, it’ll help you become a more fluid writer. I bet you Victor Pride himself studied from the great salesmen in print. I can tell from his writings, which I admire very much.

      3. Finally, keep on writing. You can try to create your own sales letters or just keep on writing articles. There is just one rule when you write: be entertaining and educational.

      If you keep it up, you’ll be a copywriting beast.

      Since you’re my bro, feel free to bounce ideas off of me anytime.

  2. Anas Avais says:

    Entertaining read. Dennis has a very unique voice and comes across very honest. It definitely feels like he has accumulated some wisdom on his way to his riches and some of it made it in this book.

    The advice goes beyond just getting rich and is much more profound than what you get to read on most blogs on the topic.

  3. Omalone1 says:

    Gwiz, I am not sold at all. Can you give some passages which allude to the concrete suggestions he makes in the way of getting rich, I mean. What sacrifices are to be made?


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