My Grandpa’s Unforgetable Last Words


A few months ago, in March, I rushed to my parents’ home to two important reasons. First, I had to celebrate my dad’s birthday. And second, I to grill meet my sister’s boyfriend.

According to family traditions (established in 2013), grilling meeting the boyfriend is a whole-family event. So under the guise of having lunch together, we all met up in a local hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant, Lotus Cafe.

So after the pleasantries were over and done with, Ivan (the boyfriend) must have felt as ease. I deftly transitioned to the questionings.

“Ivan, you know the real reason why we asked you to lunch today, right?”

“No, what is it?”

“Well, my parents and I each have 20 questions to ask you.”

Alright, I admit. I was just trying to scare the poor guy. I didn’t have 20 questions. I only had 17. I kid, I kid …

My Grandpa’s Last Words

After we knew everything there is to know about Ivan, my sister started talking about grandpa. She asked me, “Did dad ever tell you what grandpa said before he died?” I didn’t. My sister then looked at my dad. My dad then nod his head and said that she should tell me.

“Right before he passed away, he woke up from this coma and said, ‘My family name is Ding. I am here to report for duty, sir!’ (Spoken like a true military man.) He then smiled and gave a thumbs-up. Then, he passed away.”

He Should Have Died Two Years Ago

My sister then continued, “Did dad ever tell you that grandpa almost died two years prior to this experience?”

I didn’t know. I knew he had excessive pulmonary effusion and had trouble breathing. But I had no clue it was that critical.

“He was in the ICU. And all of a sudden, he kept saying, ‘I’m scared. I’m scared.’ Aunt Nancy was there and was trying to calm him. But all he kept saying was, ‘I’m scared. I’m scared.’

It was at this moment I knew exactly what happened. I smiled and thanked God. Grandpa is in heaven.

I am a christian. I believe in Jesus and how He saved my soul by dying for me on the cross. For the longest time, my grandpa didn’t want my dad, mom, sister, and me to spend so much time at church. He did not want us to get “blinded” by faith. Although he claims to be a christian, I did have my doubts that he was.

I think his near-death experience two years ago scared the bejesus out of him. And it was after that experience he asked me to pray for him! He never asked me to do that before.

For the longest time, I have been praying that my grandpa be saved by Jesus. That he believes. And now, by hearing my grandpa’s dying words, know he is in heaven.

I loved my grandpa very much. But he was not the most patient nor the nicest person. He is a man’s man. A military man. I think he caused a lot of hurt in my family. But there is no one that Jesus cannot save.

Normally, I would not write this. I am not a preacher, and I don’t intend to become one. But this news is just so good, I had to share it. Grandpa is saved! You can be too.

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