The One and Only Criterion for Absolute Success

If you were following along with my previous posts, you should already know the first 3 steps to take for success: Rely on yourself. Always learn. Always take conscious action (based on what you have learned). And now, I am going to present to you the last and final step for success. This step is … [Read more...]

Do These 2 Things and You Will Achieve Anything

At first, I wanted to name this post "The Second and Third Step for Success," because it is a follow up to The First Step for Success. But that title is not really catchy. So I picked "Do These 2 Things and You will Achieve Anything." I hope you agree that the current title is more engaging. Anyways … [Read more...]

The First Step for Success

Welcome to my site. I named my site after me, Alex Ding, because I want it to reflect everything I have learned about in life. And because I am deeply interested in becoming successful, you will find lots of my thoughts about success. So what is success? It is to have enough. Of money, freedom, … [Read more...]