“What Should I Do with My Life?”

One of the questions I frequently get goes something like this: I'm a young guy. I've been in school for pretty much all of my life. I'm not satisfied with my life. What should I do? For many of them, they think they have to go back to school. They think that a MBA, law degree, or even a medical … [Read more...]

Why Martin Luther King, Jr. Is a True Antihero

The antihero. The power player. The gladiator. A dominating force that few people understand. He follows his own convictions. He plays by his own rules. He walks his own road. He is no hero ... at least not yet. In many ways, he is much better than the hero. A hero has the easier job. Everyone loves … [Read more...]

Power (Book Review)

title: Power - Why Some People Have It and Others Don't author: Jeffrey Pfeffer what you'll learn: how to play the hidden game (how to get what you want) Why You Must Read It There is a game being played around you ... one that you don't even know exists. That is why two men with the exact same … [Read more...]

Warren Buffett Reveals: How to Legally Steal

Life isn't fair. When you did something wrong, you got into trouble. But when the teacher's pet did something wrong, she got away with it. When you busted your butt in college, you got a $15 per hour job for all your hard work. But when the rich kid slacked off all the way to graduation, he got … [Read more...]

Happy New You!

On January 1, your family and friends will undoubtedly wish you a Happy New Year. But what they really mean is a Happy New You. You see ... when the new and the unknown lay before you, anything is possible. Well, the current year is quickly approaching the end, and a new one is soon upon you. That … [Read more...]

Dictator’s Handbook (Book Review)

title: Dictator's Handbook: A Practical Manual for the Aspiring Tyrant author(s): Randall Wood and Carmine DeLuca what you'll learn: how dictators get power, and how the world really works Why You Must Read It When I lived in Spain, one of my apartment mates was an American who always wore a t-shirt … [Read more...]

The Key to Power, Money, Fame, and Sex

A few days ago, I finished a book called: Power Money Fame Sex: A User's Guide. (What a titillating title!) I expected to learn how to acquire power, money, fame, and sex. But sadly, I finished it with disappointment. The book started out really well, with a very accurate description of power ... … [Read more...]

How Schools Prevent You from Achieving Great Things

The original article was posted on Apocalypse Cometh. It is so good I had to re-post it here (after a bit of editing). Take at hazard one hundred children of several educated generations and one hundred uneducated children of the people and compare them in anything you please; in strength, in … [Read more...]

The 48 Laws of Power (Book Review)

title: The 48 Laws of Power author: Robert Greene what you'll learn: how to acquire and hold onto power Why You Must Read It Let me know if this sounds familiar ... Ever since you were a little kid, parents, teachers, and authority figures controlled your life. Now that you're all grown up, you are … [Read more...]

Why You Must Carve Out Your Own Path to Success

I attended one of those smart-kids high schools. Although I was smart, I never stood out. I wasn't the brightest, the most charming, the most popular, the most athletic, nor the most ambitious. Besides my bro, I doubt anyone even remembers me. Lots of my school mates, who were a bit more memorable, … [Read more...]