Should You Get a J-O-B?


The other day, I received a comment from one of my visitors. He didn’t want it posted, but he wanted my advice. So instead of posting his exact comment, I’ll summarize his dilemma:

I’m a young guy and someone offered me some crap job. Should I take it? 

Now you may be screaming from your seat, “No! Working for the man sucks! A job means just over broke. You’ll never have enough money. Go to school. Start your own business and be independent.”

Sounds nice. But I disagree. The answer is: it depends.

It depends on how much does he know and what his options are.

Since he is a young man, I am assuming he has absolute nothing and knows absolutely nothing. He doesn’t have connections, money, nor skills. He doesn’t even have a clue how the real world works.

So basically, he doesn’t have much in terms of options. He could get a crap job or flounder around by himself … or mooch off his mom. (Floundering around by himself by exploring new things is a good option, but most kids don’t have the motivation for it. They would rather waste time and mooch off of dear ol’ mom.)

In this scenario, I would advise him to take the crap job. Getting paid is nice. You get to help your mom out and whatnot, but is not the main reason to take the job.

The Main Reason to Get a Job

The main reason to take the job, no matter if it is crappy or not, is because it will teach you.

First and foremost, it will teach you that working for someone else absolutely sucks. When you’re a hired help, you are pretty much powerless. There isn’t much your can do if your co-workers are retarded and your boss is a moron.

You won’t understand how bad it is unless you have tried it for yourself. And once you understand how much it sucks, a fire should have ignited inside of you — telling you to get the heck out of there and start your own thing.

Once you have the fire, you will push yourself harder than any boss can push you. You will light the proverbial midnight candle over books and your computer to learn as much as you can, so you will never have to depend on a boss for money.

Second, a crap job will most likely teach you how to interact with people. In today’s age of Facebook, Twitter, and instant messaging, interacting with a person face-to-face is a lost art. If you’re working in McDonald’s, you’ll get to learn how to interact with your boss, co-workers, and customers. But you shouldn’t merely interact to get by. Treat the situation as a training ground to develop your persuasion skills.

Persuade the customer to order large fries and large drink with that sandwich. Persuade you co-worker to go on a date with you. Persuade your boss to give you more responsibilities … and a higher salary.

Third, you may learn new skills from a crap job. So if we go back to the fast food industry, you can learn more than punching in some buttons on the cash register or assembling a sandwich. You can learn how to manage a team. You can learn how the food industry work. You can learn about McDonald’s streamlined business system, so you can set up one of your own.

Yes, there are benefits to working for someone else. However, there is something you gotta watch out for:

Do not become complacent. When you’re young and earning a few hundred dollars a week, it may seem like a lot of money. You’ll feel on top of the world because you can afford the latest iPad or whatever gadget that’s in season. You’ll get comfortable and will not want to leave.

Frankly, you’re throwing your life away for chump change. Do not ever become complacent with crap. You may be able to survive on it. But if you wanna become better than your average chump, you’re seriously short-changing yourself.

Once you have learned all you can, it is time to move on.

How to Learn from Your Crappy Job

Obviously, no one is going to sit down with you and teach you everything. It is just like how an old pimp isn’t going to teach everything about the Game and the Life to the young blood. At least not for free. You will have to pay in money or in sweat. And above all, you’re gonna have to develop a mindset — not just of survival, but of ascension.

If you’re the type of person who asks why someone is successful, or why something works, you just might have the successful mindset. Now you just have to follow your curiosity. It’ll lead you to a whole new world.

That is why I don’t believe in going to school just because everyone else is. Without the curiosity to learn, you’re just dumping time and money down the drain. If you must choose between a job or going to school — get the job!

In every situation, no matter how crappy and menial it may be, it is up to you to get the most out of it. You can be in prison, of all places, and still get the education of your lifetime.

Personally, I learn more about business, psychology, and power on my own free time than during any school. In the morning and afternoon, I study medicine. In the night, I study power. I will sacrifice sleep if I have to, but I will become the 1%. (The median salary in my profession is $200,000 a year. So it’s just a matter of time before I join the elite.) When I become top dog, I will not attribute them to any institution. I will attribute them to God’s blessing and to my own personal drive.

If You’re an Old Fart, Should You Get a Job?

Being old and jobless is a very common scenario, especially after the implosion of the housing bubble. If you’re in this category, you may ask yourself, “Should I get a job?”

Could you lower your pride and beg someone half your age to hire you?

Could you live with a salary that is only a fraction of what you used to earn?

Do you need the money that badly?

Is it worth it to slave away for another person?

When you get older, the situation changes.

You’re no longer a fresh-faced kid that knows nothing. You’re hardened … maybe cynical, but definitely wiser.

You’re no longer carefree. You have to take care of others: parents, spouse, kids, and dogs.

You’re no longer young. Time is ticking down and you gotta fund your retirement, if you ever want to stop working.

Frankly, you’re in deep doodoo if you find yourself in this situation. I’m not going to put you down too hard, because what good does it do to kick a man when he’s down? You probably bought into the lie that if you were loyal to your company, it would be loyal to you. But you found out the hard way that there is no such thing as loyalty from a company.

I’m not going to mince words. Without exceptional skills, pretty much no one will want to hire you. If there is someone younger, who can do what you do, expect to never get hired. And if you do get hired, expect a chunk of what you used to make to go “poof.” Your new salary will be smaller.

You really still wanna look for that job?

By this time, you should have learned that a job sucks. You should already be motivated to succeed on your own terms. You should be well-versed in how to persuade and how to communicate. There isn’t a good reason at all to consider a crap job. (And no, chump change is not a good reason at all.)

If you got an independent spirit of a hustler (a person with pair of balls), stop looking for a job. It’ll take you more time to find a job than to find clients. When you’re trying to get a job, you’re an old has-been, who is begging someone to take pity on you. When you set up your own gig as a consultant or whatever-the-heck-you-wanna-call-yourself, you’re a seasoned authority that broke out on his own. Now you just got to use your persuasion skills (i.e. marketing skills) to convince people to pay for your services.

The Qualities of a Winner

No matter if you’re young or old, a winner will seek to take advantage of a situation — which doesn’t always have to involve money. He doesn’t get comfortable. He always adapts and grows. That is why he would never find himself old and begging for a crap job. When he gets old, others will beg him for a crap job.

Where would you be when you’re an old fart?

Always adapt. Always grow. Always learn.

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  1. I think at first we all worked crappy jobs in the beginning. I know when i looked back i can remember scrubbing bathrooms, mixing cement etc. It is true that jobs do help you learn some skills even though the job is crappy. Like everything else in life its all in how we look at our current situation. If you have a negative view then the experience is going to be negative, if the view is positive then the experience will be positive even if you are a grave digger you have to learn to be the best grave digger in the world! Always find that silver lining!

    I tell my oldest who is just beginning to notice that the adult world is not what she was told in school was going to be. She thinks that she is going to get a job out of school with no skills and make $100,000 a year! I put the brakes on her with that a long time ago and told her you cannot be picky with jobs. You cannot choose what and where you want to work when you are not bringing any skill sets to the table and even that is not truth all the time. I felt bad telling her that but i would much rather her realize that now than waiting till 30 and finding out for herself by that time it will be a lot harder to make changes.

    Many of these young people are fed this utopian view of the world from these so called “Educators” and when they go forth into the world many will not know what to do when the plan they were told to follow does not pan out! Also many colleges and universities do the same Utopian promotion knowing that when they get their first job they are going to start at the bottom! Every one starts at the bottom!

    You gotta earn your bones before you earn the Gold!

    Being an older man and working in a field with many young people i can relate with the competition of getting a job. My experience in working all these years has lead me to believe that you need to “Sell Yourself!” like a sales man you need to sell your Features, Advantages and Benefits that you can provide over any one else. I sell myself all the time no matter what i do! I remember getting a part time weekend job because i showed up dressed professionally with a shirt and tie and a friendly attitude! Also never “Burn Your Bridges!” as it may help you in the future when you find yourself without work! You never know who you will bump into. When i answer an online job advertisement i tend to write a friendly email introducing myself and what i bring to the table. It looks like a “Copy Write” letter which is why i got interested in writing Copy. You would be surprised how many people do not write anything on the email and just stick the resume on it. I want to let them know that there is a real person who wrote this email. It works for me!

    You can get a job if you older you just have to proceed to it differently.

    Great Post!

    Great Post Alex!

    • Jose,

      I don’t consider you as an old guy just yet. (If you are, maybe you just have a youthful face.) And I think you’re making active steps to grow in your skills, so that’s definitely something that’ll help you earn your keep.

      When I wrote this, I was thinking about people in their 50’s, 60’s, or even 70’s who is working in a minimum wage job. I see some of them in my local grocery stores as cashiers. It’s really sad.

      Personally, I think a person needs to grow. And when the job is limiting your growth, even though the pay is nice, it’s time to go. For me, a job is a stepping stone, not an end result.

      • I hear ya brother!!

      • Growth is important and i think a lot of people either have forgotten or have never thought about it. I try to constantly keep myself learning as i know it will give me an advantage later on. I think and i believe that life has a lot to offer and there are so many things any person can do but they most likely chose not to. Like i said i’m a curious person by nature and if something interests me i will start learning about it.
        A job should always be a jump off point to something more fulfilling, a job should never be a place of dread. Learn, Learn, Learn!

  2. Very nice post.Its helped me realize that I can find positives in every negative situation.
    I think that getting a first job in sales be it cashier at Mcdonalds,Sears,Sprint would be reasonable.Due to the various skills learned such as persuasion, salesmanship, confidence, presentation etc.


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