Taken into Custody (Book Review)


title: Taken into Custody – The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family

author: Stephen Baskerville

what you’ll learn: how the family courts screw over dads and husbands

Why You Must Read It

You’re in for a real treat today. I wanna introduce you to the book that has single-handedly changed the course of my future: Taken into Custody – The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family.

Up until the end of this July, I was like any uninformed man. I wanted to get married. I wanted to have kids. And I wanted to live together happily ever after. On the surface, it is not a bad goal. It’s part of the American dream … the human dream.

But in the last few decades, being happily married and having a family is just that — a dream. But unlike a dream, once you wake up to reality, your wife is gone, your children are gone, and your money is gone. Divorce and the family courts have taken them all.

I am a very fast reader. I can usually finish a 350-paged book into 2 – 3 days. But this book took me 2 weeks to get through. It is not a hard read. Nor is it poorly written. On the contrary, it is a very thoroughly researched and logical book. (The author is an assistant professor and holds a PhD from the London School of Economics.)

It took me so long to get through because all the injustice keeps pouring out page after page; and it was just too much for me to bear. I had to read a few pages. Then stop. Read a few pages. And then stop. Each time I stopped reading to let everything sink into my mind, I had to clench my teeth and contain my anger. I then made a vow that this would never happen to me.

Taken into Custody is the most comprehensive book you can read about the injustice against fathers and husbands from the family court. You’ll learn:

  • Statistics for divorces, child custody, and dollars paid out to the family court.
  • Who the players are in the family court and how they get their greedy little hands on your money, time, and children.
  • Why this broken system is in place. (Hint: No matter what the government or feminists may say, it’s not for the children.)
  • How the whole system is unconstitutional and is a legal sham.
  • What really happens to the children that end up in the system. (It’s not good.)
  • How dads and husbands have retaliated. (This is something the family courts desperately want to keep hush hush, in fear of copycats.)

If you are a man living in North America, Europe, or Australia, you have to read this. Don’t wait until you’re going through the meat grinder court system. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So arm yourself with knowledge so can prevent getting ground up by the family courts.

I’m not much of a betting man, but I would wager that someone you know have been divorced and screwed over by the family courts. Maybe that someone was you! If you are not yet a victim, and if you do not want the same to happen to you, do yourself a big favor and read this book.

If you are a single man, I guarantee you that the few dollars and few hours you spend reading this will save you from a great misfortune down the road … if you take heed.

Warning: After reading Taken into Custody, your viewpoint on marriage and having children may change. Your dreams of a happy family may be crushed. Once you see the truth, there is no going back. How do you unsee what you have seen? You can’t.

The question is:

Are you man enough to face the truth?

If you hate feminism, get this book. You’ll hate it even more afterwards.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Crisis of Fatherhood and Marriage

Chapter 1 – Judicial Kidnapping

Chapter 2 – Divorce and the Constitution

Chapter 3 – Deadbeat Dads or Plundered Pop?

Chapter 4 – Batterers or Protectors?

Chapter 5 – Fathers and Feminism

Chapter 6 – The Politics of Fatherhood

Conclusion: Ending the War

Choice Excerpt

Despite the posturing of everyone involved in the politics of children, we should remember once again that “custody” is not primarily about the needs of the children; it is foremost about the power of adults. “What a sense of power!” one mother exults upon absconding with her children. “I finally was in control of my life. I was finally the one who could make my life’s story turn out good or bad.” Noting that “the question of custody absolutely swamps all the other variables,” in determining which parent files for divorce, researcher Margaret Brinig translates: “Custody is a way for women to achieve a real show of force over men.” She and co-researcher Douglas Allen explain in the more politic language of the scholarly reviews: “Having custody of children may … be a way of asserting control over a non-custodial parent, either personally or through the child support that goes along with the children,” they write.

Divorce … allows the woman to exercise control over household spending when she is awarded custody. If the court names her primary custodian, she makes most, if not all, of the major decisions regarding the child. As custodial parent, she will be able to spend the money the husband pays in child support exactly as she pleases — something she may not do during marriage. Finally, although the court will usually have ordered visitation, she can exert some control over her former husband by regulating many, though not all, aspect of the time he spends with the child. In the extreme, she can even “poison” the child against the father.

In the extreme, she can have the father taken away in handcuffs. Simply by filing for divorce, the mother is designated, in effect, the family dictator. Men “should forget all that psychobabble about active listening and validation,” concludes one study of marriage. “If you want your marriage to last for a long time … just do what your wife says … The marriages that did work all had one thing in common — the husband was willing to give in to the wife.

And the principal weapon in exercising this power is, once again, the children. Even before divorce, as men become more aware of what they will face, the threat becomes a source of leverage within the family. “If I have an argument with my wife, she spreads the divorce papers out in the living room table and begins to fill them out,” says a thirty-eight-year-old engineer. “There’s no compromising with her. I either accept her decision or she threatens to divorce me. If she does, she’ll get custody of my little girl and I doubt she’ll even let me see her, much less play an active role in raising her.”

Get it now!

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