The Asian Invasion, Money, and Girls


subject: Why You’re Competing Against the Whole World and How You Can Win

I’m back now. Did ya miss me?

I feel a little bad. Today, I blew up at the hostess in the Grand Lux Cafe.

Alright, let’s rewind and start from the beginning.

I’m gonna graduate from medical school in 8 days. So in about 1 week, I’m gonna officially be a doctor. And since it is quite a special occasion, my aunt from abroad flew into the US for me.

So I’m trying to play the good host and introduce her to the wonders of America. For lunch, she wanted American food, so I decided to bring her to a place a bit more upscale. So out with Applebee’s and in with Grand Lux Cafe (which is essentially a clone of The Cheesecake Factory minus the cheesecake).

My aunt and I went into the restaurant and stood somewhat near the counter at the entrance. There was no one else there waiting for a table. Thus, I naturally assumed the hostess would acknowledge our presence and seat us at a table. She did not look at us nor say anything. To make things worse, a waitress walked right past us and did not greet us either.

Two people saw us standing there, without even offering a simple “Hi.”

After waiting a minute feeling ignored and feeling rather annoyed, I asked loudly, “Is there a hostess here?” (One of the things I cannot stand is people who do their jobs half-assed, and expect to get paid.)

The girl behind the counter said she was the hostess and asked us to wait. Someone will seat us shortly. I thought that was her job. Eventually, we got our table. But by that time, I was fuming.

My aunt’s first impression of America is not good. Luxury restaurant with a shitty service.

If I took my aunt to a ghetto hole-in-the-wall joint, I would understand if this happened. But Grand Lux is not a ghetto hold-in-the-wall joint. It is a national chain, located in one of the wealthiest places in the US.

I later talked to my sister about the experience, and she said that we were supposed to walk up to the counter to get the hostess’ attention. (Apparently, according to Yelp, I am not the only one who hated the piss-poor service.)

In the past month, I was in Taiwan. And for a tropical island about the size of New Jersey, it is a pretty cosmopolitan place. One of the things that stood out was the stunningly beautiful girls. There were no fat girls at all! (Hey, what did ya expect me to notice first? I am a guy.) The other thing I noticed is that the services in high-end restaurants are really, really good.

In Taiwan, a hostess would have greeted you the moment you walked through the door. Heck … In a 7-Eleven overseas, the clerk — a high school kid with minimal training — greets you once you walk into the store. It’s really not that hard.

And because of the horrible hostess, I would not go back to Grand Lux. There are just too many other restaurants I can go to.

And this brings us to the point of this post:

Your competition is global!

If you can’t deliver, lots of other people can.

Why America Is Failing in Business

You’re not competing just against kids from your class. Or just against your backstabbing co-workers. Or even just against fellow Americans.

No. You’re competing with the Indian village boy who walks 5 miles one-way to school … barefoot. You’re competing with the Chinese girl who studies 12 hours a day … ever since she was 5 years old. You’re competing with the laborer in Mexico who is willing to do your job … for half or even a quarter of your salary.

Why do you think companies (including American ones), are closing shop here and moving overseas? Because they get more value for their buck there. It’s not about providing a job for you. It’s about making money for them.

Money is color-blind. It has no loyalty. And it will go to the people who can give the most in return. And woefully, America is falling short.

I love what America stands for. I love its concept of liberty, equality, and opportunity. I love how it gives hope for everyone … How if you’re willing to work hard, you can move up in society.

But I don’t love the way the country is run. The most lucrative industries — from medicine to finance to education to politics — got that way because they are funded by taxpayer’s dollars. It is not about producing value, but is about finagling for a piece of the public funds.

Those who are part of the lucrative industries get more than they deserve, kinda like the lazy hostess. But will it last? As the US debt gets larger and larger, it cannot support as many leeches as it did previously. (I predict the education sector is gonna be in a world of hurt in the next decade.)

That is why except for technology and entertainment, American really cannot compete against the rest of the world. Our cars are European and Japanese. Our furniture is from Sweden. Our lifestyle is financed by China.

Why can America compete in terms of technology and entertainment? Because there is hardly any government intervention in creativity. And therefore, those who produce the best work also gets the best reward. But not so in the heavily-regulated, politically-coddled sectors.

Why America Is Failing in War

No empire will last forever. Power is increasingly moving from West to East, which is evident by the flow of money … from West to East.

Even military strength is moving from West to East. The US may have the most military might at the moment. But Russia, China, and India are 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively.

Take a look at China …

It has more people than any of the countries in the world. It definitely has enough man power to grind out any country.

It has access to some of the most advanced military technology. (How? Weapons dealers care only about the money — which China has in spades.)

It embraces the philosophy of Sun Tzu, the best book on the philosophy of war. According to Unrestricted Warfare, a book on military strategy written by two Chinese colonels, China’s way to war may not even seem like war. And yet, the consequences to the US could be deadly.  

And how much longer can the US remain on top, especially with a growing debt? Its short-term gains, given to undeserving parties by short-sighted politicians, will come at long-term costs.

Asians Invading the Mall

I went to Garden State Plaza for the first time in years. My aunt was looking for a Coach bag, and I figured that if one place in NJ had it, it was there. (And it didn’t hurt the restaurant was there as well.)

The mall changed a lot. Yes, it is slightly bigger and newer. But more so, there are so many Asian stores there that were not there before:

  • UNIQLO (Japanese brand, with stores everywhere in Taiwan)
  • SHE’S MISS (Korean brand)
  • Superdry (English brand, with a heavy Japanese influence)
  • countless sushi places

Four years ago, the only authentic Asian store was a sushi stand. Now, you have major Asian brands pushing out major American brands. It really is the case of the Asian invasion.

It makes a lot of sense too. The mall is a place of business. As Asians have more money, they move to better neighborhoods. As more Asians visit the nearby malls, more stores will cater to them. Stores that don’t will find themselves falling behind in profits.

It doesn’t matter if you’re white, yellow, brown, red, or whatever shade in between. It is all about money. And the only color that matters is green.

How to Defend Against the Asian Invasion

The competition is larger and more intense. But so are the rewards. Those who can succeed globally will reap the largest rewards. And right now, Asians are winning. They have saturated the East and is marching towards the West.

Do not rely on the government to save you. Do not rely on distance to keep you safe from the Patels, Singhs, Chens, and Lees. Your competition is global. You got a lotta catching up to do if you wanna ahead of your competition.

What does this mean? How are you gonna defend against the Asian invasion? Save yourself by being the best! If you wanna control the green, you gotta be the top dog.

To do so, you gotta put away the social media. Put away the meaningless TV watching and internet surfing. Put away with the entitlement attitude. The only way to long-term, self-made prosperity is through relentless self-improvements. Outthink and outwork. There is no other way.

There is no rest for the best.

Another Perk of Being a Global, Winning Man

When I say “rewards,” I do not just mean money. If being rich does not motivate you, maybe this will …

The floodgates will open up, and women will come pouring out … for the top players.

I’ve been to so many different countries, and all I gotta say is … if you’ve only met American girls in your life, you’re one seriously deprived mofo.

You may think it is a myth, but there are quite a few places in the world where the majority of women are slender, feminine, and care very much how they appear. (Taiwan is one such place.) They don’t have a paunch nor act rowdy nor wear the dreaded sweatpants / Uggs combo with the word “juicy” on their bum. Rather, their bellies are flat. They are demure. And they wear dresses and heels, even if they are just running an errand.

To get the best of these girls (or the best of any girl really), it is always about being a winner. Or being “alpha,” in internet jargon. (Being alpha is more than being cocky and confident. Click here to find out what it really means.)

In the past, foreign girls like American men not because the men are cocky and confident. (Most foreigners think Americans are loud and rude.) Rather, they go for American men to secure a better life.

Currently, “made in America” does not mean quality anymore. (That goes for both women AND for men.) People abroad are realizing that the typical person in America is no better off than themselves, in terms of living standards. You cannot just rely on being an American alone to snag a quality catch overseas. The American empire is declining. Developing countries like China, India, and Brazil are getting wealthier and choosier.

You really have to be excellent, instead of relying on your US citizenship. And that’s good news. More men are unable to meet the qualifications. So the few that can will get so much more … pu reward.

From my personal experience, foreign women treat you really well if they want you. I am not just talking about sex. They give gifts. They mail scented letters. They cook. They massage. They get jealous. (Awww … so cute.)

I still remember one of my dates from a few years ago. The experience is kinda like what you see in movies:

We sat together in a dimly lit restaurant … outdoors. Above us, the pitch-black sky was pierced by bits of tiny, white stars. We shared food. She fed me, and I her. And we made a large effort to communicate, and with enough determination, we made it through the language barrier. Sometimes, we drew on napkins when we cannot express ourselves in words. And the parting was so sad, with the girl telling me how much she’ll miss me. Before I left her country, she made me promise to see her again if I’m ever back. (Which I promised.)

Other times, my experiences were livelier, funnier, and more light-hearted. On my last trip, I was at the back of the boat with two lovely women. They kept shouting at the top of their lungs, “You are handsome!” Why? Well, I was teaching them some Chinese and urged them to keep on practicing what I taught them — loudly and proudly. (Hey, it is a pretty useful phrase … especially when I need them to boost up my already inflated ego.)

The broads here will try to shame you for liking foreign women. They say, “You’re a loser who cannot get laid in the US, so you gotta go overseas to get a girl.” I mean … why would they care about what “losers” do anyways?

You’re a smart guy and you can already figure out why. But lemme point out the obvious … It is because they fear competition. Kinda like how older women will shame older men for going after younger women. Kinda how blue collar workers will trash-talk about immigrants who are willing to work for a lower wage.

Disregard their self-serving shaming. Enjoy your successes to the fullest, ya “loser.”

How to Dominate Your Competition and Conquer the World

The competition is global. And if you elevate yourself into a position where you can choose, you will take full advantage of globalization — such as picking the best women from all over the world. If you are on top, the world really is your oyster.

That means you will have to out-compete everyone else. So don’t put yourself in a position where you are replaceable.

If you’re a low-skilled laborer, you’ll be out on the streets in a jiffy. You will either see your wage shrink, or you’ll see your job gone. Hungry competitors from half-way around the world will do what you do for a fraction of your cost. Just look at Detroit.

Therefore, strive to become the best. Play to win. Dominate your competition. Get power. Never rest and never ever become complacent. You can always become better.

And if you heed my advice and succeed, you’ll enjoy the immense rewards. And if you don’t, good luck fighting for scraps.

I’ll be waiting for you at the top.

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  1. Two alternative perspectives:

    In some ways China is unable to compete, e.g. with respect to creativity. Even thought they have more 105+ IQs than anywhere else, many seem chronically unable to do better than following instructions. See the number of factories producing foreign designs in the day, and then after the quota is filled, turning the machines back on and running them at night for their personal resale.

    Still they win, because they put in the work.

    Some have also argued that the Chinese style attitude begets unhappiness (show my the Taoist billionaires). A focus on money to the detriment of happiness still leads to a shitty life (and I am a guy who focuses a lot on money).

    As for global competition, it seems that the hyper local actually still has relevance. The Grand Lux is still getting hungry customers because it isn’t realistic to go somewhere else. And even in cosmopolitan 4 million+ cities, there is often e.g. one useful hardware store within an hour’s travel. That’s the one you’re going to, if you need what they sell. Convenience is much more important than cost.

    But you’re one hundred percent right about the girls.

    From a chick set up with by a friend, who I *haven’t even had a date with yet*, “Make sure to eat lunch!”

    Care taking before she’s even seen my face.

    • Alex Ding says:

      “… many seem chronically unable to do better than following instructions.”

      That is true of most people anywhere in the world, even in the US.

      “A focus on money to the detriment of happiness still leads to a shitty life …”

      It is like Europeans saying that Americans live to work (unlike how Europeans work to live), so Americans must be miserable. I’ve been to Europe and its people don’t seem happier than us.

      I’ve been to Asia too and its people don’t seem more miserable than us.

      Overall, people have a base-level of happiness … and will quickly revert to the mean, no matter the situation.

      Asian countries focus a lot on work and making money, because decades ago, there were not enough money to go around. It is either you work or you starve. These days, as long as you’re not on the bottom of the totem pole (i.e. replaceable), you don’t have to work your ass off just to make ends meet.

      I see a lot of Chinese tourists, traveling the world, having a pretty good time. And trust me … the well-off people, no matter what nationality, are partying it up like crazy. Ibiza. Shanghai. Paris. NYC. They’re all quite similar.

      “… hyper local actually still has relevance.”

      You’re absolutely right. (Grand Lux does have a lot of local competition, which is why I don’t have to go back there ever again. Thank goodness.)

      But the trend will keep on moving towards globalization. Maybe 10 years down the road, a hardware store can’t even survive because you can just print out whatever you need.

      The point is that you cannot get complacent. You can’t be a commodity and expect to do well. If you don’t continually adapt to the changing environment, if you don’t continually reinvent yourself to become better and better … you’ll perish.

      • Absolutely. And it probably comes down to who your market is. Not everybody’s going to have 3D printers that produce anything better than a toy, but everybody is within walking distance of a place to eat lunch.

        I’ve been thinking a lot lately how all the skills slightly-outside the norm kids are being taught (coding, Photoshop, etc.) are still commodity skills, because Indian kids have a NEED to learn how to do it, while smarter-than-average white suburban males merely have a CURIOSITY.

        So how would you keep the goad at your back, and accept the competitive fire as an exciting challenge rather than letting it turn into fear?

        • Alex Ding says:

          It is all about curiosity, bro. You gotta nurture the curiosity you had as a kid.

          Maybe some kids have to learn something because they are required too. But the kids who learn it because they want to will learn it better and more in depth. It is the latter group who will do the better job.

          These days, being ok is not enough. It is about being the best. The guy who does bare minimum because he has to will live in fear. The guy who dedicates his life to self-improvement because that is what he wants will be motivated by the competitive fire and by curiosity.

  2. Marcus Cross says:

    Hey Alex, I really enjoy reading your blog (I sort of binge-read most of it a while ago). I’ve just started reading blogs about lifestyle, etc. like yours, but I don’t like the more radical ones (cause you have to sift through lots of ranting..). Your views on life are straight to the point and analytical. I especially enjoyed the “Should You Charge Your Girlfriend Rent?” article. I’ll be sure to check back often and spread the word.

    Ok, as this was not really a comment on the post, here goes: great piece as always, man! Those are some disturbing things, but I couldn’t agree more. The US is falling behind, yet nobody is doing anything about it. I guess we’ve already passed some points of no return. Oh, and the girls in Europe are becoming more and more like their American counterparts – even in southern Europe. America’s culture is spreading fast there and that’s not always a good thing as can be observed.

    • Alex Ding says:

      Thanks for the nice words, Marcus.

      It is too bad that southern European girls are getting more westernized. I think it is the same for most girls living in cosmopolitan cities, anywhere in the world. Too much American influence.

  3. Alex!
    First i would like to welcome you back! Hope your long and relaxing vacation went well for you. Also i would like to extend a “Congratulations” to you for finishing up Medical School and becoming a Doctor! Now the fun really starts!!

    I have to agree with your post when you say that America has lost its edge. Its people has become lazy and entitled to a point that they no longer want to get their hands dirty or even put in some hard work to get to the top. And yet no one notices what is happening around them. As not only Asians but people from all over coming here and taking everything from under our noses.

    Many still believe that we are the still the top dog but being a person who has traveled too many parts of the world i would have to say that we are already behind. I remember being in Dubai before the modernization and seeing the tons of electronic products that we did not even have here yet.

    It baffled my mind and made me think that we as a country need to start picking up the ante and get back to work!

    I remember walking into a McDonalds in France where they had a doorman that will open the door for you to coming in and out. They would even bring the food to you nicely placed. It surprised me on how the service over there was compare to here.

    Also while i was in Europe and the Middle East the women especially in Spain and in France were thin and always dressed to the nines! SO my eyes were constantly roving around while i walked down the street in Cannes and Monaco!

    Its true that money knows no color and it will go wherever it finds value. People complain all the time about illegal immigrants coming in and so called taking the jobs from under us. They bitch and moan to corporations and companies about it.

    To me if i owned a company and i needed to get personnel and you had your choice of one American worker that i had to pay 60,000 a year to getting 6 immigrants for the same price which one would you choose? Basic economics states that you will choose the latter because of the value you would get.

    Isn’t that what Capitalism is all about! Making money and finding value for your money?

    I know i work in the Tech field what i do i could take it with me anywhere in the world. Unfortunately for the majority that is not applicable. I strive to be the best at what i do i help people with their computer issues all day. i work hard in learning on how computers, servers, as well as learning how to deal with people’s personalities which is important.

    I deliver above and beyond every day to my clients computer needs to a point that i have become the point man to go to when users have computer issues! My desk phone is constantly ringing as well as my outlook gets bombarded with emails.

    One time in the company’s news letter they named a Programmer “IT Guy Of The Year” which pissed me off. I was about to stop giving 100 percent every day until people began calling me and emailing me about what they have read in the newsletter. They expected that i was going to be the man since I’m always the one picking up the phone and solving problems all day.

    Most did not or have ever spoken to the programmer and did not know who he was! When you learn that you have to work hard and go out of your way for those in need of help you will become a necessity. That hostess does not see that which is why she did what she did to you!

    If it were me the minute i saw you walking in the door i would have had the menu’s ready and showed you to your seats. Even telling you that if you have any questions or complaints please feel free to let me know!

    When you treat a person with respect and value their patronage they will come back in the future! And they will actually remember you when they come in.

    People have lost their mannerisms these days and think that treating clients or people in general with respect is something that slaves do. We have a lot of growing up as well as coming to terms that the world is changing and we need to change with it if we want to stay on top!

    Again welcome back and congratulations on becoming a Doctor!

    I apologize for the long comment.

    • Alex Ding says:

      Hey bro, nice to hear from you!

      Don’t worry too much about winning “IT Guy Of The Year.” It is all BS and trash. I don’t think I kept a single award since my Varsity letter in high school. And the only reason I kept it is because I forgot I still had it.

      • Whoa Jose, slow down! You’ve essentially written a post rather than a comment!

        I agree, but I would add that having read “Growing a Business” by Paul Hawken (bought it after Alex’s recommendation) and “Bachelor Pad Economics” by Aaron Clarey, I’d say that if you don’t have what Paul calls ‘trade-skill’ (or the killer business instinct, as I’d call it) going into business can be very foolish. Some people have got “it” when it comes to being an entrepreneur, and some don’t – those guys will have to team up with a seller if they plan on getting rich.

        I used to feel bad because I didn’t have “it” when it came to entrepreneurship, though I was stupid enough to blow thousands on business school. You could be dumb in many other aspects, but if you have trade-skill you can make money anywhere. I guess it could be learned, but some people are naturals at it.

        As for winning “IT Guy of the Year”, it’s really the process that matters, I guess. Just watch out for those vultures who’ll attempt to prey on your talent.

        Congratulations on becoming a doctor, Alex.

        • I’d also add that if you’re not a hustler, you could simply do something REALLY extraordinary and team up with someone to sell it (a book deal, training program etc.). People like Elvis (sorry, best example I could find) aren’t necessarily great business brains but they still got rich. If Gandhi had wrote a book he’d get enormously rich (probably would donate the money though).

          For those guys, it’s like Victor said – be an authority and be genuine (and they’ll flock to you).


        • Alex Ding says:

          Thanks, Ken.

          And it really warms my heart that you are reading the books I recommend. If I can help out at least one person, then my effort here is worth it.

          To excel in entrepreneurship, you need a bit of common sense. Basically, know how to bring in more money than you are spending. So they know how to sell and how to bootstrap.

          You don’t have to be a great businessman to get rich. You need to embrace excellence and mastery. Sometimes, you’re so good, the world cannot ignore you. And whatever you offer sells itself.

          • Hmmm. Makes sense.

            In that case, I’m looking forward to seeing your face in the news.

            “Pro Blogger Makes Millions From Telling People How to Make Millions”

            hee, hee.

  4. Hey Alex,
    I am an Indian myself , just finished high school. I am similarly obsessed like you with money and power, being from a poor background.
    I guess the fittest will survive today. it’s just that the Indian people are basically very under privileged than the USA counterparts , so they have an extra badass attitude. hence this “invasion “.
    Like I said , I believe that the fittest will survive and flourish , whether it be an American like you , or any ambitious Indian / Chinese ( hopefully me ).
    Kudos !

  5. Welcome back,

    I wonder as a doctor what do you think if Obamacare?

    Is it so bad that you might leave the U.S and start a practice in Asia possibly?

    • Alex Ding says:

      It could be bad, but I don’t have to take insurance. I don’t think I’ll start a practice in Asia.


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