The Fairy Tale Adults Still Believe In: “Everybody’s Equal”


When you were a kid, you believed in nonsense like Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. As you grew into a hoss boss, you shed those silly ideas.

But someone people don’t grow up.

“That’s not fair!!!”

A child cries out who doesn’t get his own way.

“That’s not fair!!!”

A non-boss, non-hoss manchild cries out who doesn’t get his own way.

Some adults (only in the physiological sense) refuse to shake off the silly myth of equality.

They may whine, “All men are created equal. It says so in the faded-gray ink of the Declaration of Independence.”

Yeah? So what? Who is going to give you that “equality”?

When cheerleader Christie chose to make out with Jack the jock behind the bleachers, instead of talking nerdy Ned in the science club, where is the equality?

When Wall Street banks crashed the economy and were about to implode, the government hooked them out with a big fat bailout. When Joe Shmoe have barely two lousy pennies to rub together, and an empty cupboard with 2 kids and a wife to feed, who bails him out?

A few years ago, I looked into my medical school’s history because I heard it was involved in a few major scandals. What I’ve dug up with 5 minutes of Google would shock the naivety out of any “I-wanna-help-people-and-society” pre-meds.

These are all part of my school’s sordid past:

  • A state senator got a “job” (the type where you don’t even have to show up) in exchange for diverting more government funding to the school.
  • A dean resigned because he was “doctoring” a clinic’s financial statements to qualify for a bonus.
  • Another dean tried to get his daughter into his medical school, even when she failed to fulfill the requirements (MCAT, letters of recommendation, application, etc.). She actually got an interview and received the highest possible recommendation from her interviewers for admission.
  • My school gave some doctors a “job” (again, the no-show type) — each paying more than $150,000 a year — in exchange for referring patients to a failing surgery program.

What do you expect from an institution that is run by one of the most corrupt states in the US? Altruism, self-sacrifice, and fairness in medicine? Ha ha …

Eventually, the wrongdoers were exposed. From my knowledge, only the senator went to prison. (All the others paid a fine without admitting any wrong-doing.)

Then I asked myself, “What is prison like for fat cats — people who are rich and powerful? Someone like the senator?”

To get an idea what prison is like for him, let’s see what it was like for others like him.

What Prison Is Like for Rich Richies and Powerful Petes

You’ve probably heard of white-collared criminals being locked away in “Club Fed” — a prison that is more like a country club — where they play tennis and sunbathe all day.

But when conducting my research on prisons, I could not find any evidence that the rich and powerful got special treatment.

Sure, minimum-security prisons were not as bad as maximum-security prisons. The incarcerated could enjoy basketball, television, books, and other recreations. But the upper echelons had to follow the same schedules as everyone else. They had the same privileges as everyone else.

If you wanna know more, see:

However, jails are a different story. For those who are sentenced to less than a year, they go to jail … not prison. And if you are rich and powerful, your jail cell is more like a hotel room.

According to Celebrity Justice: Prison Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

When Dr. Dre was in jail, he was allowed to film a music video with Tupac Shakur.

When Paris Hilton went to jail, she got a separate unit from the other prisoners. She had special privileges, such as making late-night phone calls. When her parents went to visit, they bypassed a huge visitors’ waiting line and got the visiting area all to themselves.

When Glen Campbell was in jail, he had his own private cell. He also had access to his cellphone, guitar, and therapeutic mattress.

If you got the money and if you got the connections, you too can have a relatively comfortable stay in jail. Pass the time with your cellphone, books, games, and iPods.

(The US seems quite tame compared to China, where you can actually pay someone to go to prison for you.)

As a power player, you should not be surprised. Be glad that you are part of the elite. Or if you’re not there yet, strive to get there. Open your eyes and you will see a two-tiered world all around you.

When you want access to a club, you can either wait in line with all the other people … or you can spend enough money, know the right people, and waltz right in through the VIP, backdoor entrance.

Are you a regular, thirsty guy trying to attend Club Sausage-fest? Don’t be surprised if you have to wait hours to get in. Are you a hot girl or a celebrity? Welcome in!

When you want access to healthcare, you can either take a number, have a seat, and wait months for proper treatment … or you can spend enough money, know the right people, and get your treatment like a hoss boss — instantaneously!

Are you on a long-ass list for a liver transplant? If you are willing to pay, there is no reason why you can’t fly half-way around the world and get your liver today!

Don’t think you can avoid the that’s-not-fair syndrome by flying out of the good, ol’ United States of America. Don’t think it’ll be any different in a third-world, tropical paradise. Inequality and favoritism is everywhere.

A Two-Tiered World

Some people will cry, “That’s not fair!” Like some whiny, 5-year-old kid who did not get his special treat. “Why does he get to cut to the front of the line and not me? Why is she treated like royalty and not me?”

Someone forgot to tell the whiners that the real world is not kindergarten. Welcome to a two-tiered world. On one hand, you have the common folk. On the other hand, you have the elite.

But since you’re a man who sees how the world really works — not how you think it should work — you realize that there is no such thing as “fairness.” There is no such thing as “equality.” Some men are just more equal than others. And these men are not the type who gripes about fairness. They take action to shift the advantage to themselves.

We live in a finite world. Money is finite. Time is finite. Everything is finite. And as a result, each person (including you and me) wants to get the most while giving the least. We all adopt the mantra: What’s in it for me? Therefore, it is human nature to have inequality.

The world judges you based on what you can offer. It judges you based on how valuable you are. The common folk is not too valuable. But the elite is a totally different story.

So when you wanna get the most for your time, who would you rather help? Someone who can more than repay your efforts? Or someone who can barely repay you back?

As a rational (at least for most of the time … I know about your crazy streaks), reward-maximizing man, you will choose to help the person who can scratch your back. Everyone else would too.

That is why beautiful, rich, and powerful people can get away with a lot more than everyone else. That is why they are not punished as severely. That is why they get into clubs without waiting. That is why they get medical treatments much faster than the average person.

They answer the question — “What’s in it for me?” — better than the average Joe. If you are willing to scratch their backs, they will scratch your back as well.

And that is why you must strive to be immensely valuable. Be the man who can pay back generously. Because when you can give more, you can also get more.

Forget about getting equality. You’re not going to get something for nothing. Be better than the average man and you’ll be more equal than everyone else.

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  1. “Equality” even when that word was written in the “Declaration Of Independence” really meant nothing in reality. It was more like a “Theory” and idea that could happen or could not happen.

    Growing up I always knew that there is no such thing as Equality. All you have to do is look around you to see what I’m talking about is true. You see Average Jose’s out in the street protesting about equality, climate change etc. while the elites just chill in their Ivory Towers and laugh at us. Even Al Gore is making tons of money as he promotes Climate Change to the masses. You actually think he gives a shit about the climate?

    Which is why I tend to work a lot harder than the regular office drone. When you go that extra mile for a person with pull they will appreciate it and when you need a favor they will not hesitate for a second to help you out.

    I’m a believer of “One Hand Washes The Other” you help me and I will definitely help you.

    Fairness there is no such thing! Just look at the animal world! Do you see any fairness in their world? As crazy as it sounds it every man for themselves, to survive and live another day.

    When you have money you are treated differently and why not! You earned it you worked hard to get to where you are. I know if it were me I expect to be treated better than the average Jose is being treated. Why should I be treated like that other guy who lays in bed all day collecting a check from the Gov. Why?

    I gave up believing in Equality and Fairness! Those are although noble ideas found in any book are rarely found in reality.

    Great post Alex!

  2. Hey Alex,

    Great that I found you. This post is great and has some powerfully motivating sentiments.

    I recently wrote an article about three delusions that hold people back…you could have literally embedded this right into mine as a fourth.

    It’s really cool that I ran into your site, I think we could have a lot of great things to offer each other. If you want to read the article I mentioned, you can go here:

    I’d be happy to collaborate if you’re interested.



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