The Mighty Waterfall and the Beautiful Little Fish: Chapter 1

Each waterfall is a magnificent creation, unique with a soul of its own. But even magnificence cannot stand the test of time. From the beginning of creation to now, most falls have dried. But a few have remained strong for the past million years.

What separates the waterfall that continues to gush from the ones that dried up like bones? An ancient legend holds the secret …

There was a mountain swallowed up whole by the earth a long, long time ago. This mountain was special because it contained a mighty Waterfall. The source of the Waterfall was the mountain itself — the water was squeezed from the soul of the mountain. It was truly a mighty Waterfall. The water would fall from the edge of the mountain into the luscious lagoon below.

The lagoon contained all sorts of wildlife: water lilies with frogs jumping from one leafy pad to another, an assortment of green healthy trees, schools of fishes that colored the bottom of the lagoon like an underwater rainbow, dolphins, turtles, and flocks of birds that lit up the sky like fireworks. What a spectacular sight!

The mighty Waterfall continued to gush and fall without ceasing, day and night. All was good in the land. He looked at the lagoon with much pride, because it was his efforts that turned the island into the Garden of Eden.

In particular, he paid special attention to one little creature, looking at her with more fondness than he had for anyone else. He cannot give you a reason why she was so special. For in truth, she was much like other fishes. However, some mysteries cannot be explained. In his eyes, she was special.

She was a beautiful little Fish, no bigger than a child’s hand. She had long slender fins. And her tail flowed like the train of the golden robe. When the sunlight hit her tiny scales, it revealed golden flakes shimmering about in the water.

He thoroughly enjoyed watching her swim in his lagoon. Her movements hypnotized him.

One day, the mighty Waterfall found the beautiful little fish in a secluded part of the lagoon. He said to her, “Beautiful little Fish, I watched you from afar. And I must tell you that you are the most beautiful creation in the whole island.”

The beautiful little Fish turned from gold to copper to red. She said, “Mighty Waterfall, you are embarrassing me. I know I am beautiful, but there are many other beautiful fishes around.”

He replied, “I know. But you are the most beautiful one.”

“Thank you very much!” And she swam away giggling.

Every day, the mighty Waterfall said nice things to the beautiful little Fish. Every day, the she swam away giggling. But as time went on, she would stay a bit longer than the previous day.

One day, he said, “Beautiful little Fish, we have talked for a while and you make me very happy. Promise me that you will remain in the lagoon forever with me. Promise me that and I will take care of you for the rest of your life. You will always have a home and will have everything you need to be happy.”

Her scales glowed with much brilliance. Her fins and tails danced. She swam closer to the mighty Waterfall and said, “Yes, I promise to be by your side forever.” She fluttered around her new life-long friend.

He was happy and poured with renewed strength. The mighty Waterfall gushed forth with so much strength, it sounded like thunder struck the mountains.

Happiness filled the place. But time wore down happiness and discontent filtered through.

Soon, she no longer enjoyed being around the mighty Waterfall. And one day, she went up to him with a frown. “I was thinking of leaving the lagoon. It is so awfully crowded. The frogs, the schools of fishes, the dolphins, the turtles, and the flocks of birds take up so much space. I can hardly breathe!” The beautiful little Fish turned silver-blue for a split second, then reverted back to gold.

The mighty Waterfall asked, “What should I do?”

“It may be best to ask them to leave. Only I should remain in the lagoon. This way, you and I will be together with no distraction. Just the two of us. And for heaven’s sake, I could finally breathe again!”

“And where would they go?”

She threw up fins up. “Oh, I don’t know. What about the vast ocean all around us. There will be so much room for them. And if you really care about me, you’ll make room for me. It will just be you and me … alone. But I don’t think you care.”

“If you get the lagoon to yourself, you will stay?”


He grew silent and pondered. The booming clash of water hitting water suddenly ceased.

The frogs, the schools of fishes, the dolphins, the turtles, and the flocks of birds noticed that the mighty Waterfall grew silent. They asked, “Mighty Waterfall, your water stopped flowing. What’s wrong?”

He looked down at his friends and sighed, “My friends, I must ask you to leave my lagoon.”


“I am sorry, but you must leave. The lagoon can no longer be your home.”

Panic struck the hearts of the other inhabitants. “The lagoon has been our home for many, many years. Where will we go?”

“You can go to the ocean. There’s much space and much food. You will see that the ocean is a better place than the lagoon.”

“How could you say that? How could you do this to us? How could you kick us out of our home?”

The mighty Waterfall could not look at his friends. “Please, just go.”

So they left. Before leaving the placed they once called home, they saw the beautiful little Fish still remained. And they understood.

The beautiful little Fish saw the vastness of an empty lagoon. She stretched out her fins and tail. “Ahh,” she said, “I can finally breathe again.”

And the mighty Waterfall had the beautiful little Fish all to himself. He was saddened because the laughter and chatter died. The only thing he heard was the thunderous splashes of water hitting water. “At least I have the beautiful little Fish.”

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