The Mighty Waterfall and the Beautiful Little Fish: Chapter 4

There was a silent witness to the whole event. A soft wind carried his message, “It is such a shame.”

The weak Waterfall looked up and saw a small, white, and harmless-looking puff. “You speak! I’ve seen you since the beginning of my existence and I’ve never heard you speak.”

“The wise is quick to listen, but slow to speak. The foolish is slow to listen, but quick to speak,” the wise Cloud said. “I would have remained silent even longer, but the tragedy that unfolded over the past couple months compels me to break my silence.”
“It sure is a tragedy. My beautiful little Fish is no longer mine.”

“They tragedy I’m referring to is not your fish leaving you.”

“How could you say it is not tragic? If only you could understand how I feel.”

“I have traveled the world ever since I can remember. I have been to high mountains and low coasts, to hot tropics and cold arctics. Where there is life, there is pain. I have seen what happened to you happen to countless individuals before you. And it will happen to countless individuals after you. But the real tragedy is something that happens very rarely. But when it does happen, it is such a loss to the world.”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know if I should tell you. You may be too fragile to take in what I have to say.”

The weak Waterfall said, “Tell me! I can handle it. What can be worse than losing someone you love?

“Very well. Since you insist, I will tell you,” the wise Cloud said. “The tragedy is something that happens only once every few centuries. It is the loss of a magnificent waterfall. You used to roar like a thousand chariots rushing towards battle. Your strength was the life source of the lagoon. It was because of you that the waters were as clear as glass. It was because of you that the wildlife and plant-life multiplied and flourished. They had a place called home. Now, look around. Look what remains: a rotting lagoon that chokes away life. And what have you become? A pitiful version of your previous magnificence. All for what? A fish that abandoned you?”

The bone-dry cliff shook. Bits of rock crumbled off, splashing into the green film of algae below. “Do you come here to torture me? My only company taunts me and reminds me of how much I have failed.”

“As I said, you’re too fragile to take in the truth. I will leave you to wallow in your emotions then.” The wise Cloud drifted away.

Once again, the weak Waterfall was alone with the foul-smelling, algae-covered lagoon.

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