The Mighty Waterfall and the Beautiful Little Fish: Chapter 6

It was hopeless. For two weeks, the weak Waterfall squeezed the mountain with all his might. No matter how hard he tried, he could not bring forth water. He remained as dry as before. Maybe it is better to fade away into eternal sleep. He never slept before. He didn’t need to. Now, it is a different story. What good is he in this state? The lagoon is still as rotten as before. He is still as alone as before.

Might as well try one more time. He gathered whatever strength he had and squeezed the rocks as hard as he could. The tall cliff overlooking the lagoon shook. Rocks crumbled into sand. The mountain quaked. But there was still not water.

This is it. The weak Waterfall closed his eyes and felt his mind fading into nothing.

A cold gust of wind blasted the face of the cliff, waking up the weak Waterfall. “I have seen you make the mountain shake,” said the wise Cloud. “Why?”

“I was trying to squeeze water from the mountains. Maybe then I can reverse the tragedy and become my former self, the strong life-giving waterfall.”

“I see. I’m not sure that you could reverse your situation. Since the beginning of time, I have seen the deaths of ten waterfalls. Each of them was as strong and as majestic as your former self. And each of them stopped flowing for one reason or another and faded away into the mountain.”

The weak Waterfall looked at the wise Cloud with disgust. “My tormentor comes again. If you are as kind as you are wise, maybe you can leave me alone and let me fade away into the mountain.”

The wise Cloud laughed. “Would you push away your only hope? Let me finish before making your judgment.”

The weak Waterfall nodded.

“A long time ago, in a world far different from today’s, there was one dried-up waterfall who reversed the tragedy and become magnificent. He churned the earth for water for days and days on end. But no water sprung forth. God saw what happened and took pity on the waterfall. He poured water onto the world. So much water until it reached the peak of the tallest mountain. In due time, the Earth absorbed the water. At first, only the tallest peak of the mountain was uncovered. Next the mountain itself. Then the high lands. Finally the plains. The receding water also uncovered the once-dried-up waterfall. Except it was flowing with full force and magnificent once again. More water than ever poured forth from the top and crashed at the base below.”

The weak Waterfall was enthralled. “What happened to the magnificent waterfall? Is he still flowing today?”

“After many centuries, Mother Earth reclaimed what was hers and tucked him in a secret corner of the world.”

“So he doesn’t exist. And if he did, there is little hope for me. God will not flood the world twice.”

The wise Cloud smiled. “Who knows? You may get your wish tomorrow, a year, a hundred years, or even a thousand years from now. Will you keep on churning and churning until the next flood?”

The weak Waterfall thought for a long moment. Then he said, “As long as there is hope, I will.”

“And if you achieve your former glory, will you throw it away? Will you cease your existence for something as small as a child’s palm?”

“No, I will not make the same mistake twice.”

The wise Cloud said, “Maybe I can help you. I can bring a rain shower or two upon you.” He paused and looked at the weak Waterfall. “But I am not convinced if I should. What makes you different from the 10 bone-dry waterfalls before you?”

The weak Waterfall drew up whatever power he had and tried to roar, but the roar turned into a hoarse parched croak. “Please rain on me! I will not give up my might for anyone again! Give me the strength I need so I can well up water from the mountain. With my regained strength, I promise to give back to you back one thousand times the amount of water you give me.”

“We shall see.” The wise Cloud drifted off into the direction of the ocean.

Once again, the weak Waterfall remained alone with the foul-smelling, algae-covered lagoon.

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