The Mighty Waterfall and the Beautiful Little Fish: Chapter 7

A year passed. More algae infested the lagoon and the smell repelled even the surrounding plant-life.

The weak Waterfall was not deterred. He kept squeezing the mountain every day. Despite his valiant efforts, he did not squeeze out a drop of water. He did, however, notice his strength growing. He could press harder and longer.

He wondered about the wise Cloud, who was gone for a long time. Where was the wise Cloud? What was he doing? Was he going to come back? Were his stories true? What did he mean when he said, “We will see?”

Whatever the case may be, the weak Waterfall pressed on day after day. His struggles gave him a reason to exist. Even though the lagoon was stagnant, he wasn’t. If he could never be a waterfall again, he might as well be the mightiest non-waterfall in the world.

One day, a particularly cold gust blasted upon his face. It brought the following message, “I see you are still around and did not fade into the mountain. Maybe you are ready to become the mighty Waterfall once again.”

The weak Waterfall looked up and didn’t see anything. He peered towards the ocean and saw a black speck in the far-off distance. It was quickly getting bigger and bigger, bringing along flashes of white lightning, roaring thunders, and gusts of piercing icy winds. Within an hour, a blanket of angry black cloud covered the sky the blocked the sun.

A voice that shook the skies said, “Waterfall.”

“Who are you?”

“I am the wise Cloud. And you now see my true form. I’ve spent the year gathering water from the four corners of the Earth. And I see that you have prepared yourself for this moment. Are you ready to return to your former glory?”

The heart of the weak Waterfall beat with excitement. At last, he was going to become mighty and magnificent, the source of life for the lagoon. Water will flow through him once again. He cried out, “Yes, I am ready!”

And then it began.

It started out as a drizzle. The dry waterbed soaked the water up readily. It has been a long time since water touched the dirt. Then the rain dropped harder and faster, quenching the thirst of the earth. The rain turned into a downpour. The wise Cloud gathered his strength, sending lightning, thunder, and wind in all directions from him. The wind and downpour were so strong, they broke branches and trees. For the first time in a year and a half, water filled the beds.

The weak Waterfall felt his strength returning. The fall started with a trickle. Then it picked up and turned into a stream. And finally, a raging river.

At last, the weak Waterfall transformed into his mighty self – the waterfall who is able to summon the waters from the mountain. Between the downpour and the mountain’s flow, the mighty Waterfall unleashed an unstoppable force of liquid strength, plowing through the algae and exposing the clear top of the lagoon for the first time in many moons. The powerful flow washed away the filth, rottenness, and stench into the ocean.

The mighty Waterfall was even more magnificent than before, with a stream of water so rapid and full, it could have swept away a small village.

The wise Cloud dropped his last raindrop and turned back into the white harmless puff.

The mighty Waterfall almost couldn’t believe his transformation and was overjoyed. “My friend, your tales are true! You really have the wisdom and power to save!” Then he remembered about the other waterfalls — the ones who reverted back to the land. “Please tell me, wise Cloud. Why did you save me instead of the 10 waterfalls that came before?”

The wise Cloud took a deep breath. He seemed pained. “You misunderstand me. I’m not a savior. I didn’t save you and I didn’t save them. I am merely a guide and a helper. You did most of the work. When you were ready, I nudge you in the right direction. But with the previous 10 waterfalls, even if I poured the entire ocean onto them, it wouldn’t have made a difference. Their sad fates were sealed once their minds determined they were doomed.”

“No, you are a savior. You saved me and I will never forget it.”

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