The Mighty Waterfall and the Beautiful Little Fish: Chapter 9

One day, a newcomer arrived. She seemed familiar. She was about the size of a child’s palm. She had long slender fins and a flowing tail. It was the beautiful little Fish, except she was not as beautiful, save for traces of her previous elegance. Her color was not as vibrant. Her fins and tail were a bit tattered. The ocean was not kind to her.

She said, “Oh, it is so nice to be back. Hello, mighty Waterfall. It is good to see you again.”

The mighty Waterfall was speechless. He remembered her broken promises. The loneliness and the heartache she caused when she left — after he has done everything he could to make her happy. And here she was, waltzing in like nothing happened.

She swam to her favorite spot, a crevice by the mighty Waterfall. “The ocean was such a hideous place. Certainly not suitable for a fish like me! It is much nicer here.” She looked at the mighty Waterfall and batted her eyelashes. “I would very much like to continue where we left off. We can have what we had again.”

He didn’t say anything. He remembered her betrayal and the lacerating pain to his heart. But he still has affections for her. He saw the wise Cloud looking at the exchange with much interest. Of course, being wise, the Cloud did not interject. But he knew what the wise Cloud was thinking: Is the mighty Waterfall truly mighty? Or will he give in again to a little fish and cease being the source of life and happiness for countless creatures?

“Great! If you can be a darling and be a bit quieter. I can hardly stand all the noise.” She brought her fins to her head and looked up. “I think I’m getting a headache.”

The mighty Waterfall looked at the lagoon and all its inhabitants. And then he looked at the formerly beautiful little Fish. What a silly little fish. Does she know what will happen if she gets her way? He pulled back on his strength. Less water poured forth from his mouth. The roar became less and less thundering.

The frogs, the fishes, the dolphins, the turtles, and the birds noticed the change. They focused their attention on the mighty Waterfall. The lively chatter ceased. The wise Cloud peered with much interest. Finally, a dolphin broke through the silence and asked, “Will we lose our home again?”

The mighty Waterfall laughed. It was a deep laugh that shook the island, a laugh that originated from the core of the Earth. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. And then water exploded from the top of the fall. It was much wilder than previously. The trickle from the mouth of the Waterfall transformed into a liquid wall that was twice as big as before. It was as if God turned on a heavenly faucet to full blast.

The falling water made such a thunderous crash, pushing almost everything to the far end of the lagoon, including the little Fish. The mighty Waterfall bellowed a hearty laugh. He said, “As long as I shall live, I will remain the mighty Waterfall and provide life-sustaining blood to my lagoon.”

The frogs, the fishes, the dolphins, the turtles, and the birds all cheered and laughed, knowing that their home isn’t going away.

The little Fish swam up to the mighty Waterfall and tucked herself in her usual spot, in a crevice that shielded her from the awesome strength of the waters. She was happy and secure, although she would deny it and complain about the noise when given the chance. A day did not go by when she did not reside in the crevice next to the mighty Waterfall, despite being so close to the unceasing noise.

The mighty Waterfall did not hold her complaints against her, as he knew it was her nature. She is a little fish and will do what little fishes do. He is the mighty Waterfall and he must do what waterfalls do.

Many years later, the little fish passed away. It wasn’t unexpected as the little fish grew old and frail with the passage of time.

The mighty Waterfall wept. It was the second time in his life he wept. The first time was when she left him. The second time was when God took her. He took the little palm-sized body with much care and placed her deep beneath the lagoon, at her crevice right by him. And in his pain, he did not cease his life-sustaining flow.

God saw how faithfully the mighty Waterfall performed his duties. He also saw the kindness the mighty Waterfall has shown the little Fish. God decided to reward the mighty Waterfall. On a seemingly ordinary night, at a time everyone was asleep, Mother Earth moved the mighty Waterfall, island, and lagoon to a secret corner of the world. Legend called it Eden. It is a place without misery, without tears, and without death. And everything is so beautiful and new. Every day is better than the next.

The mighty Waterfall continued with his work in full-strength. The inhabitants of the lagoon enjoyed their home, thinking they are the luckiest creatures in the world. Sparking waters, plush trees, and perpetual radiance

Those who went into eternal slumber awakened. A certain palm-sized fish swims around the lagoon. She bats her eyelashes and twirls around. And her fins and tail are new again — elegant, graceful, and flowing. She is full of joy, full of satisfaction. She never complains, as she was a new little fish, but still herself. The beautiful little Fish tucked herself in her crevice, next to the mighty Waterfall. She would stay by his side, forever happy. Forever beautiful.

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