The Nature of Woman

A summary.

Oriented Around Self (Solpilistic) and Lacks Objective Truth

“Women inherently value their own sense of well-being above reality and truth, justice doesn’t factor into the equation unless she personally feels indignant about the dispute at hand.” [source]

“Women are far less concerned with communicating the truth about themselves than they are maintaining an acceptable image.” [source]

“Solipsism leads women to believe the opinions they hold of themselves accurately represent the behaviours generalisable to their sex.” [source]

“For those unfamiliar with what solipsism is, explained in the simplest way it’s women’s tendency to see things solely from a personal/feminine viewpoint, and an inability to detach and abstractly comprehend something they haven’t personally felt or experienced. As such, they struggle to understand things that run contrary to their personal experience.” [source]

“The capacity for feminism to understand the plight of men is impossible, for gynocentrism is inherently devoid of abstraction by merit of its collective solipsism.” [source]

“Where a man’s curiosity lies in how the external world functions and how he can best manipulate it, a woman’s curiosity lies in how her internal world functions and how she can best utilise the external world to manipulate her well-being. Essentially, men are knowledge focused whilst women are self-knowledge focused.” [source]

Lacks Honor, Loyalty, and Morals

“Women can do great evil by act of self-compulsion, effectively inculcating themselves to believe the abhorred acts they have engaged in are without dishonour. In this aspect, honour is a uniquely male abstraction that women do not hold themselves to. Even if a woman does believe in honour, she may as well not; for she will find a way to pervert the truth and clutch at any justification necessary to make an act of dishonour seem honourable … And all this occurs to ensure her interests – at any cost.” [source]

“The female word is much like the female form, covered by makeup, nothing more than mere pretension, a distorted augmentation of who she really is. Much like man wishes to believe the woman he lusts for would be just as pretty without the makeup, he falls victim to this same line of thinking when assessing her mentality.” [source]

Acts Based on Intuition and Emotion, Not Reasoning or Truth

“Women are poor at rational abstraction, which means “their truth,” like them, is fickle.” [source]

“This does not mean women do not say correct or truthful things, but rather that they do not rationally deduce truth so much as they intuit it, intuition being the vague sensation that something feels or sounds right.” [source]

“Often when the veracity of a woman’s viewpoint is being challenged, if she believes her opinion to be true out of no more than an intuitive emotional conviction, she feels the validity of her emotion is being disputed rather than the credibility of her reasoning.” [source]

“For a woman if it feels right then it is right, a woman does not consider that perhaps although some things feel good to hear or believe, they may be logically unsound, false, outright incorrect or otherwise verifiably false.” [source]

“A woman’s definition of good and bad bear little logical merit, for a woman rather be told pretty lies that charm her than be saved from colossal error that rouses ill-feeling.” [source]

“So if women are so impervious to logic and reasoned discussion, how do you persuade them into a particular course of action? Well of course, one must speak in the language of emotion, of which there are two primary mechanisms of influence: shame/guilt and approval/validation.” [source]

“When surviving is no longer an issue, the pursuit of rich and nuanced emotional experiences come to the forefront of a woman’s wants.” [source]

Loves Practically (Hypergamous)

“Women don’t respect men “for who they are”, they objectify them as success objects, they respect a man’s power as it indicates his ability to be successful, not his character but his power. If as a man you become too weak,  a woman will leave you –  and leave you to rot she will. The expectation is that you will be better than her, stronger than her – by nature of hypergamy as if you are not, she simply does not find you attractive … A woman’s loyalty is tied directly to her man’s power, not his character. No power = no attraction.” [source]

“Even the women who do well to provide for themselves end up requiring a man who earns more than they, who is mentally stronger than they, and so on. A woman is hypergamous by her very nature, and thus much to the disdain of her insecurity, requires male superiority in order to even find men attractive.” [source]

“As soon as any of your weaknesses are made abundantly clear she will begin to feel disenchanted and this will cause her to start a process of weighing up her options so that when/if the opportunity presents itself to branch swing (trade you in for a more fitting man), she will indeed do so with great haste.” [source]

They are incapable of loving you in the way in which you imagine it. They love themselves primarily, no matter how insecure and unconfident they are, and of course their children, more than they will ever love you, one is a love of vanity and entitlement, the other is of sacrifice, the loyalty and sacrifice men idolise as admirable traits in a woman for a long-term relationship – these are things that when push comes to shove will result in your downfall and have already resulted in the downfall of countless upon countless men. Even if they think they do love you and declare it, it is not in the way in which you love a woman of your affections – she will not sacrifice her well-being for you, not even out of loyalty something as a committed man you are willing to do – you desire this reciprocation from her, but it is naive to do so. Remember, honour is a male abstraction.” [source]

Depends on Man or Another Group and Has Herd Mentality

“As such, women are not built to live and hunt alone, but to attach themselves to man.” [source]

“If you talk about the general nature of women to a woman, but you do not distinguish between her and “most women”, she will almost always lump herself in with “most women” and fail to make the distinction between herself and women as a whole.” [source]

“It is the observation that nearly all women will unironically say “not all women are like that” that gives away the feminine’s solipsistic point of reference, that a woman will attempt to differentiate herself as superior when in competition, but should you criticise women in general, suddenly her ability to make distinctions between herself and her group vanishes.” [source]

“Women are innately Machiavellian and thus superficially concerned with “fitting in” and appearing agreeable in order to be liked enough to enjoy the fruits of the groups they occupy” [source]

“… it seems a woman’s instinctual need to be accepted is so strong that she indulges conformity rather than ingenuity to scratch the irksome validation itch, and that so long as this itch is scratched, she is content enough to submit to authority and not ask questions.” [source]

“A women’s beliefs and behaviours are like water, they reflect whatever the culture and immediate group around her tell her. Women do not defy, they conform.” [source]

Is Insecure

“… on a seemingly primal level women are utterly obsessed with feeling safe, both emotionally and materially, and so will thusly test their boyfriends/husbands to see if he still has what it takes to make them “feel safe.” Women do not rigorously shit test their men out of malice, but merely out of insecurity, out of a need to feel protected, out of a nagging sense of insecurity that they “just need to make sure” they have made the right choice and are still in a relationship with a man who is badass.” [source]

“Women are in a position of neediness, and yet they cannot fully trust men to give them what they need, so they manipulate men in order to give them what they want, but then resent the men who fall prey to such devices.” [source]

“Even the sweetest, kindest, best raised woman is a cunning creature, for it is in the insecurity inherent to reliance that a woman protects herself via the impassioned practice of cunning.” [source]

Dissociates from Reality, Rationalizes, and Manipulates for Self-Presevation and Self-Gain

“It’s when you apply those same facts to her, she immediately begins to feel judged and then starts shutting down, when you direct the truth at the woman involved she can’t mentally handle the manifestation of her own inadequacy, it makes her feel uneasy and she will do anything to escape that sensation, so what does she do? Out of mental self-preservation she dissociates from reality and rejects the truth using flawed reasoning and stubbornness to alleviate her discomfort.” [source]

“If a woman cannot sell herself a false narrative, she cannot manipulate men into holding her in higher regard. Her worthiness of this bothers her not, her only concern is to obtain her ends.” [source]

“A woman would get what she deserves, rather than what she wanted or needed if she could not dissociate. Luckily, nature has equipped women with an instinctual proclivity to dissociate. Women have evolved to become humanity’s most competent liars, in spite of themselves, for their own sake. Rather than striving to be better than she is, womankind has become competent in pretending she need not be better because she already is what she isn’t – better.” [source]

“What one must realise is that woman’s capacity to rationalise away anything she doesn’t like is one of the greatest tools she has in amplifying her manipulative prowess.” [source]

“Man has always been baffled by how someone who feels great sympathy for others can seemingly, as if by choice, turn off such sympathy without a shred of guilt. This is a behavioural observation unique to women noted by many men in many places. What they are observing is a woman dissociating in order to withdraw sympathy where she once felt it.” [source]

She needs him to “be the bad guy” so that she can move on. As far as she is concerned, it’s his fault she lost interest in him, regardless or despite if he did everything in his power for her. It’s always the man’s fault in the mind of a woman.” [source]

To simplify, she will find something that sounds reasonable to explain her behaviour, regardless of whether this is the true cause of said behaviour. As long as it makes her look and feel good, it is a sufficient rationalisation that serves the purpose she needs it to. [source]

Fears Being Exposed

They hate to take responsibility, they hate to admit to faults, they’re so allergic to being wrong or being exposed in some negative way that rather commonly they’ll emotionally lash out, either at you or whoever is close by and seems like a suitable scapegoat in order to cover their own asses, even when what is being said is either truthful or reasonable.” [source]

“A woman’s most pressing concern in spite of what she says to the contrary, is how she is perceived and how this translates into whether she holds favour or not. Being liked and desired is far more important to women than it is to men, men requiring respect rather than intimate emotion validation to function.” [source]

Advice for Men

“Man should neither placate nor reason with a distressed woman. But rather, he should be charming enough to keep conflict superficial. When argument cannot be avoided, he need be Machiavellian enough to belittle her. He should not under any uncertain circumstance argue back-and-forth with any degree of seriousness, for arguing against a woman’s emotional state is as foolish as it is masochistic. If conflict is unavoidable and reason impenetrable, all that is left is to assert dominance.” [source]

“Men are humanity’s true romantics and thus this is why man must guard his heart like a bank vault, treat his commitment like African blood diamonds, to squander it frivolously is to perform a most terrible disservice upon one’s self.” [source]

“Realise the limitations of womankind, accept them and come to terms with the fact that a man is always truly alone, there is nobody “higher up” for you to depend upon, you’re the end of the line, in the absence of a belief in God.” [source]

“In brief moments you have companionship, those who make the best companions are those with a sense of loyalty, credibility and honour, other men, brotherhood.” [source]

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