The One and Only Criterion for Absolute Success


If you were following along with my previous posts, you should already know the first 3 steps to take for success:

  1. Rely on yourself.
  2. Always learn.
  3. Always take conscious action (based on what you have learned).

And now, I am going to present to you the last and final step for success. This step is the most important. Without this final step, you cannot accomplish the first three. If you follow the final step, even without knowledge of anything else, you will naturally walk the road of success.

Now before I tell you what the final step is, I am going to tell you a story.

Once Upon a Time …

Errhh.. Scratch that.

About 60 years ago, there was an elderly man with a failing business. Throughout his whole life, this man was not very good at much of anything:

  • He was not an intellectual. Instead, he dropped out of school when he was 12.
  • He was not very good at keeping his jobs.He was fired from multiple jobs throughout his life.
  • He was not good with women. His first wife left him and ran away with the kids.

To many people, he seemed very much like a loser. After years and years of failure, he finally managed to catch a break and eek out a middle-class living by owning and operating a motel / restaurant. But with his luck, a new interstate was built that diverted traffic away from his business. And so, he found himself on the brink of failure … again.

But this elderly man was full of resolve and determined to press forward. There was one thing he was good at though. And that is making fried chicken. He took $105 from his meager Social Security check and began to meet with restaurant owners all over the US, trying to convince them to use his recipe for a share of the increased revenue.

For two years, he knocked on doors and pitched his idea: “I got a great chicken recipe, and I think if you use it, it’ll increase your sales. And I’d like to get a percentage of that increase.”

And for two years, all he got was “no.”






Do you know how many noes (plural of no) he got before he got his first yes? Take a guess.

Give up?

It took him two years of knocking on doors, pitching his ideas, sleeping in his junk of a car, and enduring through 1,009 noes before he received his first yes.

Now who is this man? Who was able to persevere through so much hardship and rejection for what, at first, seemed like a futile endeavor?

None other than …

KFC - Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders

So every time you drive through the local Kentucky Fried Chicken (also known as KFC), remember Colonel Sanders and his perseverance. All it took was one 65-year-old man with a meager amount of money (but an ocean of perseverance), to create one of the largest fried chicken franchises in the world.

Not having enough money to fulfill your dream? Fine.

Not being young enough to fulfill your goal? Fine.

But not having the drive to keep trudging forward? That is not fine.

You Can Forget All the Rules Except One …

The fourth, final, and unwavering step to success:

Never quit!

Never quit!

Never quit!

Even Steve Jobs agrees:

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