The Predatory Female (Book Review)


title: The Predatory Female – A Field Guide to Dating and the Marriage-Divorce Industry

author: Lawrence Shannon

what you’ll learn: how to never look at women the same ever again

Why You Must Read It

Get a good education. Find a good job. Get a good wife. This is the formula for the good life.

But, little by little, the formula of the past is increasingly useless today.

A good education no longer guarantees a good job. But the sky high debt still remains.

A good job is going the way of the dodo — extinction. Livable wage, benefits, limited working hours so you can spend time with family, and security are a myth.

A good wife … Well, you know where this is going.

There was a man who tried to follow the formula for a good life.

He was a popular and charming fellow. He dropped out of college. Joined the police force. Flew planes on the side. Eventually, he switched over to flying full-time and became one of the top pilots for a commercial airline company. It is safe to say that he did quite well financially.

He absolutely adored women. And women seemed to adore him. Why not? He was going places. He had the swagger and the cool jobs. So he did not think twice about marrying.

Big mistake. He married and divorced 4 times. His charm, swagger, and cool jobs did nothing to keep his women loyal.

He thought the reason for his first divorce was because he picked the wrong girl. There must still be lots of good girls out there.

He faulted himself again for the second divorce. But by then, he grew a bit weary of women. There must be a few good girls out there.

By the third divorce, he saw the pattern. But his love for women was just as strong. All he wanted to do was find one — just one — good girl for him. There must be one good girl out there.

The fourth divorce spurred him to write his book, The Predatory Female – A Field Guide to Dating and the Marriage-Divorce Industry. He has loved and has been burned. All the things he worked so hard for has been plundered and destroyed. Mercenary women and the vulture courts won.

Although his life is now in tatters, it is not too late to warn others about the perils ahead — the perils of marrying a female predator.

This is a book that all marriage-minded men should read. Learn from the author’s mistakes. Its purpose is not to instill hatred for women, but to protect you. A few dollars and a few hours is all it takes to prevent you from making the most costly mistake of your life.

You will learn:

  • how to spot a predatory female
  • how she catches her prey (you)
  • how she tries to manipulate you into marriage
  • how she changes after getting married
  • how to tell when she is getting ready for a divorce
  • how to escape from her clutches before it’s too late

It is true that not all women are like this. But there are a lot more of them than you may think. (Look at the sky-high divorce rate and unhappy marriages.) Passion and lust can blind you from the truth. Think of it as a much-needed bucket of cold water to the face, to wake you from your sleep. Like having insurance, you would never hope to use it. But if something happens, at the very least, you aren’t caught with your pants down.

If you are willing to face the truth …

If you want to save yourself from a lifetime of misery …

If you want to get an upper-hand over a legal system and its vultures who conspire against you …

You have to read this book.

Warning: The Predatory Female is an extremely power book. If you really want to get married, or if you want to stay in the all-(hot)-women-are-good fantasy land, don’t read it. There is a chance it will change your mind. Personally, just by reading Taken into Custody and The Predatory Female, my desire for marriage has been ripped from the very fiber of my being.

Table of Contents

Section I – Traits of the Predatory Female

  • 1. Initial Considerations
  • 2. The Date and the Live In
  • 3. Marriage
  • 4. Divorce
  • 5. Freedom

Section II – Survival Guides

  • 6. Danger Signals
  • 7. Extreme Danger Signals
  • 8. You Are About to Be Dumped
  • 9. Suggestions for Engineering Your Own Dumping

Choice Excerpt


Q. Can the predatory female be identified in our society?

A. Fortunately, yes. Although it’s impossible to categorize all behavior in a segment of population, there are discernible traits in the predatory female that, once learned, may serve as warning signals to the enlightened.

Q. Who benefits by learning these traits?

A. Everyone, but males have the edge in the present legal climate.

Q. Why?

A. Men, poorly educated about predatory females, are notoriously clumsy when dealing with them. Our earliest history bristles with examples of strong, intelligent men outwitted and destroyed by females in the predatory mode. This continues presently where women, victims of their own predatory natures and aided by the court system, are responsible for the ruin of families, businesses, and lives all over the nation.

Q. Are you blaming women exclusively for these disasters?

A. No. Little of the mayhem could occur without the endless army of men, untutored in the predatory female, queuing up obediently for destruction. Blinded by steam from their own gonads, they stumble ignorantly into relationships with women and later awaken to find themselves trapped in an ever deepening pit of emotional, legal, and financial quicksand.

Me, Myself, and I

Q. How do we begin to identify a predatory female?

A. One giveaway is that she flatly represents the self-centered faction of the population. While a male gravitates towards things and activities, a predatory female is primarily concerned with herself. Since the publishing industry is extremely sensitive to readers’ interests, a glance at any news stand will help explain. Publications designed for men bear titles like Sports, Flying, Electronics, Mechanics, etc., while those sold mainly to females are called Self, Glamour, Image, Me, Woman, and so forth. The predatory female is concerned chiefly with herself and what others think of her. This is a basic rule. A picture of a cat, spending hours licking itself, comes to mind.

Unhampered By Ego

Q. Are you saying the predatory female is an egomaniac?

A. Not at all. The predatory female rarely exhibits an ego the way males do. Her ego has given way to convenience and practicality. Moreover, she is quietly amazed at the excessiveness of the male ego. Unhampered by ego, she is quicker and more adroit than the male. It is curious how the female will sometimes berate the male about his ego when that very weakness often enables her to control him. Again, the predatory female is not ultimately concerned with what men think of her, only what women think. Keep in mind the old sayings that “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle,” and “women undress for men but dress for women.”

Helter Skelter

Q. Beyond herself and her status with other women, does anything else pique her interest?

A. Yes, any combination of money, romance, and excitement. The scent of these accommodations will have her rising like a cobra from a wicker basket. The provider of such diversions occupies center stage in her life, but his identity is unimportant to her, and it’s a temporary position. Nobody can amuse her forever. All pied pipers eventually fade into the past.

What About Love?

Q. You haven’t mentioned love as an interest of the predatory female. Why?

A. The predatory female never loves a man; she only loves the love. This is a basic rule.

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  1. HOLY CRAP!!! Just reading this post is making me realize how close i came to marrying a few of those monsters!!!

    Great Post Alex!!

  2. M. F. Diondo says:

    This book provides a glimpse of the true, the ugly, ugly truth. It would be bad form to give this book to a man who was in a relationship, engaged, or already married–let those unfortunate find & read it for themselves. For other men, the information may well save their lives. Women generally don’t like this book; that should be your first clue that it cuts close to home. Read it, share it, suggest it to others.


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