The Secret to Getting Rich … Revealed!


Hey friend,

I got some good news for you today. You may want to grab a seat because it’s just gonna blow you away …

Are you seated? Ok, good.

Before I blurt out the news, I have a question for you. Do you want to get rich? And I mean fabulously rich. You do?! Ok, good.

In that case, I have something in my possession that you’ll just want to get your greedy little hands on …

What is it? Well, let me first tell you what it is not. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. There is no deception. There is no gimmick. It is not a Ponzi scheme. It is not about thinking happy thoughts. And you do not have to keep buying my books and courses to unlock some sort of “secret.”

(I absolutely hate it when people promise you something just to deliver absolute garbage.)

Alright, alright … it’s time I tell you what it is.

In my possession, I have … the closest thing to a “how-to” manual for getting rich. So you’ll learn how to get rich. It will work no matter who you are, where you are, or what your background is. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. Once you know what’s in the manual and once you dedicate your life to it, you will get rich. Guaranteed.

And I’ve decided that I’m gonna give it to you for …


(Yeah, I think I may be outta my mind. I’m giving away good secrets that I can absolutely charge for.)

But before I give it to you, you gotta promise me just one thing. One tiny, but crucial thing. Promise me that you’ll do everything in the “how-to” manual. If you can promise me that, I’ll give you the “key” that will unlock any treasure chest.

Promise me? Ok, good.

Drumroll please.

Introducing …

The Closest Thing to a “How-To” Manual for Getting Rich

Step 1 – Invest in Yourself First

Don’t hit the “back” button just yet. Yes, you have probably heard this a million times. But let’s be honest. Are you investing in yourself?

What does investing in yourself mean? It means that you are spending precious resources (i.e. your time and money) to acquire knowledge. That you are acquiring skills. That you are better today than yesterday. And that you will be better tomorrow than today.

Be honest with yourself. When you get home from work, school, or whatever … How do you spend the majority of your free time? Do you plop yourself in front of the TV or computer, just to idle your time away? Or do you actively seek to improve yourself every … single … freakin’ … day.

Listen up, buckwheat. This is important and I’m just gonna say this once. There is a reason I put “invest in yourself” first. If you cannot invest in yourself, to improve yourself, who’s gonna do so? No one! That’s who. And why should they? You’re just another ol’ bum.

Step 2 – Learn How to Sell

If you wanna get rich, you gotta have the guts to ask for money. People do not like to part with their money, so you gotta ask for it — even (gently) demand it.

You’re going to face lots of rejections along the way, but rejection will strengthen your character. You’ll become more of a man.

Lots of people get tripped up over selling. Lots of academics and “educated” people think they’re above selling. But let me ask you something. When was the last time you heard of academia making someone wealthy? I’ve never heard of it. Academia is busy sucking from the teets of the government, in the forms of student loans and grants.

Sorry for the graphic image. I really hate school.

So lemme tell you right now. If you wanna get rich, you are not above selling. Love it. Embrace it. Cherish it.

Step 3 – Sell Something That Provides Value

When you sell something, it is best that the other person is satisfied. She can come back for more (which means more money in your pockets), or tell others about it (which means more money in your pockets).

You can be so skilled at selling that you could take a crap, wrap it in tinfoil, put a couple fish hooks on it and sell it to Queen Elizabeth as earrings.

Maybe the queen can be bamboozled once. But twice? Three times? I doubt it.

Later on, when you want to sell something else. Guess who won’t be buying from you. That’s right … the queen and half of England.

Ultimately, you gotta create value. So much value that people and their moms come back for more.

Hopefully, you can sell something that does not require your time. You can be the best neurosurgeon in the world, but you can only make so much. You only have 24 hours in a day, just like anyone else. But if you write a book about the drama of a neurosurgeon and if it gets onto The New York Times’ best sellers list, you can potentially make more without even lifting a scalpel.

Step 4 – Learn How to Live Without Luxuries

Living without luxuries not only saves precious money in the beginning, it also builds your tolerance to hardships.

When you’re starting out … I’m not gonna lie … it’s gonna be hard. Money will be sparse. You may have to eat cheap Ramen noodle just to get by. Could you do without steak (or premium tofu if you’re a vegetarian)? Could you get by without the finer things in life?

If not, you’ll have a harder time to get rich. You may as well go and get a job. You can do ok with a job. But if you’re spending more than you make, not even a job can save you from poverty.

Step 5 – Fear, Marvel, and Harness the Power of Compound Interest

Albert Einstein once said that compound interest is the “most powerful force in the universe.” Now who am I to argue with him; he’s only 10x smarter than me. And probably only 5x smarter than you.

Compound interest is a double-edged sword, so wield it with caution. It could make you incredibly wealthy or incredibly poor. The longer something compounds, the larger its gets. Think of it as a snowball rolling down a snowy mountain. It gets bigger and bigger and bigger as it rolls down.

If you are wise and invest, your money will keep on growing. Your $100 can become $1,000,000 after many years. Just look at Warren Buffett, one of the riches people in the US. He got there through compound interest.

If you are unwise and get into debt, your money will go to your lender. Some people will never become rich because all the money they make will go to someone else. They charge thousands of dollars onto their credit card and pay just the bare minimum. Or they borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a worthless education. These people have, in fact, become slaves.

Slaves don’t become rich. Only masters become rich. Become a master, not a slave.

Step 6 – Always, Always, Always … Be in Control

Last, but not least, be in control. This is extremely important and is the key deciding factor if someone will live in the rich house or be thrown into the poor house. A person without control will not take the previous 5 steps to heart. A person without control will not have power.

The majority of people are content with giving up control. They let someone else tell them what they should know. They let someone else tell them how to spend their money and time. They let someone else tell them how much they can make.

These are the same people who cries to mommy and daddy (or to the government) when something goes wrong. They need someone to bail them out of their problems. These people will never stay rich. They may win the lottery, but they’ll go broke in a snap.

If you follow what everyone else does, you’ll just gonna be average.

But, buckwheat … You’re gonna be different. That is why you’re gonna be in control of every single nook and cranny of your precious little life. You’re going to be in control of your own education.  You’re going to be in control of your own money and time. You’re going to be in control over how much money you’re going to make.

And when crap blows up all over your face, you won’t go crying to mommy, daddy, or any government. You’re going to grab the nearest sanitary wipe, clean your face, and try again.

Later on, when all your efforts have paid off, others will look at you with envy. You’re the one with riches. You’re the one with power. They will wonder what makes your any different from them.

But you know that you are superior, because you have shown it through your actions and ultimately your results. You have decided to take control and to excel.

That, my friend, is the secret to riches. 

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  1. The people stood up and gave this man a standing ovation! I agree with all of those things you spoke about especially the part about giving up control to others! Most people will do anything to not take control of their life as in their minds they cannot handle the responsibility. They are afraid of the outcome because they do not know where it will lead them.
    Its a shame also how people hate to “Sell” when in reality we use it everyday. You sell yourself to get a job by using your resume and speaking in the interview. You are selling when you throw game at a woman.
    So on and so on Learning how to sell to people is how you can make money! So stop with the stigma that selling has and do what Alex told you about selling! Embrace it, Live it, Breath it! Once you accept it it will begin to open many doors for you.

    I gotta give it to you Alex i like the way you set up this post! Very creative!
    Keep Rising Alex!!

  2. lol
    Good stuff here. I tend to be engrossed about my passion. That is why when it comes to lifting, people listen to me because I do and I study my stuff – I improve myself all the time. The internet is great; I am able to reach thousands every week – I have never influenced that many clients (not even NON clients) off line before.
    Muy bien, de verdad

  3. Excellent article! The thing that strikes me the most that I find myself saying over and over again is BE IN CONTROL!! That sixth step seems to me to be the glue to mold the others together.

  4. I’m digging back into the archives a bit, but you perfectly captured the essence of developing wealth. Remaining in control is key.


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