Want Women? First Get Power


Originally, I wasn’t going to write too much about women on my site. At most, I would have shared a bit of my experience:

  • how I attract them
  • how I quickly got my little black book full of numbers whenever I go to a new area
  • how I always find a girl no matter which country I go to
  • and more

Sure, I met some bad apples along the way. But most of my experiences was pretty good.

Looking back, I realized that I have lucked out. I never had a long-term relationship, let alone a girlfriend. Of course, my girls and I did things that girlfriends and boyfriends do. My girls cooked for me. They bought gifts for me. They made stuff for me. And in return, I took good care of them. Other people always thought we were together. But when a girl asks me to define the relationship, I’ve always replied, “We’re just friends.”

I seriously thought that most guys had similar positive experiences like mine.

The Scales Fell from My Eyes

Three months ago, I stumbled across this post on Dalrock’s site. I don’t know what brought me there. Maybe I was just curious about what happens to old women who never marry. But that post was my door into the world of men’s thoughts.

As I read, read, and read, the scales fell from my eyes. I saw that lots of men don’t have a positive experience with women. Mine was, but only because I have never committed to them as anything more than friends.

In many cases, it seems like the longer a man gets involved with a woman — when he takes the commitment to the next level — the worse she gets. Nasty. Abusive. And fat. And if he does marry, and if the girl divorces for whatever reason, he gets shafted by the family court.

To my female readers, I’ll be the first to say it: not all women are like that. You’re right. But there are enough mercenary women for me to turn my nose at marriage.

I seriously owe a debt of gratitude to Dalrock & Co. for enlightening me on the perils of marriage. I could have been that poor schmuck later on down the road — with no money, no wife, and no kids.

If You Want Women, Get Powerful

Ideally, the relationship between a man and a woman should resolve around love. The man should give up his life for his woman, and she should dedicate her life to him. They would then spend their whole life together.

However, we don’t live in an ideal world. We live in the real world — a fallen world. The world runs on power (and I don’t mean the nuclear or electrical type). Happy, long-term relationships are based around power. If you show weakness, your girl will assume control or … she will find someone else with control.

If the man doesn’t keep the upper hand, then the woman will take over. And then she doesn’t want him anymore; she wants to try another challenge. Once she’s sure, once she’s ever sure of you … – Iceberg Slim

If you want women to come flocking towards you, you need power.

If you want women to respect you, you need power.

If you want women loyal to you, you need power.



It is much easier to achieve and retain power, than it is to rely on your girl to have the virtues of a saint. In the former, you are in the driver’s seat. In the latter, you’re in the back seat. Choose to be the driver, or else you’ll be taken for a ride.

Wanna learn how to acquire power over women (or over anyone else for that matter)?

First, check out the True Power Manifesto. It will open your eyes.

Second, stay tuned for the second installment on the dynamics between powerful men and their women.

Remember … Always. Be. In. Control.

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  1. Women love a man who has power. To them a man with power makes them feel safe and more secure of their world. And yes show weakness and your woman will quickly take control of the situation. Do not be that man! Also I think that the attraction to powerful men may have to do with a woman’s primal instincts. A powerful man can hunt, secure his home and property and such. This is the reason why women are attracted to power. So we need to walk with some swagger, talk like you know what the hell you talking about and dress like you somebody.

    Great post Alex!


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