What Do You Call a Predator Who No Longer Wants to Hunt?


After reading the same repeated, ol’ crap across various sites, boredom crept in. Thus, I was inspired to write on how I tackle the beast known as boredom.

Subject: How to Beat Back Boredom and Excel in Life

I see my future and it is gloomy:

I have power and control the lives of men.

I have money and buy anything I want.

I have women and satisfy my primal desires at any moment.

I have everything I ever want.

And yet, life grows stale. Colors are not as bright. Food is not as delicious. Knowledge is not as captivating. Life is not as exciting. I reached the end of a rainbow and got my pot of gold … only for it to turn to dross.

I denied myself nothing my eyes desired;
  I refused my heart no pleasure.
My heart took delight in all my labor,
  and this was the reward for all my toil.
Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done
  and what I had toiled to achieve,
everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind;
  nothing was gained under the sun.
– Ecclesiastes 2:10-11

My drive fades. I no longer wanna try, because all my efforts are meaningless. What do you call a predator who no longer wanna hunt? Or a carnivore who loses his hunger for fresh meat?

Diseased? Demented? Dying? All of the above?

Why People Sabotage Themselves

My inner fire has been replaced with lukewarm emptiness. The emptiness tells me: Why even bother trying anymore? It doesn’t even matter anyway. You’ve experienced everything and there is nothing new anymore.

It is because of this lukewarm emptiness that people on top of the world sabotage themselves … and sometimes even kill themselves. Some turn to drugs. (RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman.) Others turn to recklessness — stupid stunts, taken women, or a game of chance. A few even turn to a deep cut on the wrist or a hole on the back of the head … yearning to see what’s on the other side of life.

It’s stupid … I know. But as OneRepublic says, “Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.” And after getting everything I could ever want, the only desire left to fill is to feel alive.

I lose motivation, and life loses all meaning. This is the demon that haunts me.

The Deadliest Foe You Will Ever Face

If you’re like me, you start out with a bang. A new year. A new school. A new job. A new business. A new girl.

It is scary how much passion I have at first. I used to stay up all night planning, studying, working, strategizing, and loving. The intensity could go on for months … maybe even years. And then suddenly, whatever roaring fire I had inside of me gets smothered by the ashes of boredom.

Boredom is the deadliest foe you will ever face. And there are two characteristics that makes it so fatal:

  • It is invisible.
  • It is insatiable.

If he is invisible, you can’t fight him. And if he is insatiable, he will not stay down. And thus, he cannot lose. There will be no happy ending with such a foe. That is why in movies, you can see and stop the bad guy. Hollywood need its happy endings, dammit!

I fear that in my case, there is no happy ending. My enemy cannot be seen and cannot be satisfied. His name is boredom. And he taunts me:

Why keep on doing the same thing each day?
Why keep on writing?
Why keep on striving?
Why keep on living?
Why not just give up?
Does anything even matter?

How do I answer him?

As I think about the works of art I have written …

As I think about the degrees and status I have accumulated …

As I think about the girls that have been in my life …

I can only agree with him. They are all meaningless.

I cannot answer boredom’s rhetoric with logic. I can only answer it by the nature of my being.

So back to the original question: What do you call a predator who no longer wants to hunts? The answer …

A predator.

Although a predator may no longer wanna hunt, it does not mean he will stop hunting. I will not stop hunting, for it is my nature to hunt.

I am a predator. The world is my prey.

Thus, I will keep on fighting. I will keep on doing what I do. I will keep on writing. I will keep on amassing power. I will keep on making money. I will keep chasing women.

Because the other option — of being idle and doing nothing at all — is even more meaningless. And who knows? Maybe my life will be meaningful to someone else.

Moral: Keep moving forward. Keep practicing. Keep improving. Even when you don’t feel like it.

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  1. Alex,
    I ask the same question myself! There are times that i sit in the dark contemplating and arguing with the enemy called boredom!

    You see we are so used to getting things instantly to be entertained quickly and not sit back and wait. This instant gratification is the reason why Boredom is always around the corner ready to jump on our asses and rob us from our motivation. Boredom has a funny way of making people second guess themselves constantly. For me this happens a lot but i spit in the face of boredom and continue on the path! You have to do the same bro!

    You have to learn to ignore boredom and continue doing what you are doing! Remember the world belongs to those who get their hands dirty! That means that people (producers) like us have to continue to push ahead into the unknown and ready to face any enemies which may want to destroy you. It does not matter if its outside influences or internal. We have to continue pushing back!

    Even superheroes like Superman who was the strongest man in the world also had his inner demons he had to fight with. Yet he still kept on the path!

    Keep on the path brother! The Devil is trying to push you away from the light like the rest of those aimless people out there.

    Trust me the best you can do is keep going! Keep moving! Keep writing! We need people like you this world who can inspire others. Think of it like this when you write your posts you are putting a piece of yourself out there for the whole world to see! A piece of inspiration that another person who is down on his or her luck can take and become inspired so inspired that they decided to lift themselves up and start to live!

    Spit in Boredom’s face! And keep producing Brother!

    Great Post Alex!

  2. Alex! Are you a poet man? This was beautiful… I went to your About page and read it about it being sort of like your diary. I strongly relate to that man.

    Anyhow, I saw a motivational video on youtube once. It talked about, “You lit the match, now what?”

    Motivation is keeping that flame alive every single day.

    • Hey Sebastian,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m not poet, but sometimes, I get inspired to do something creative.

      And you’re right. Motivation is something you gotta keep alive everyday. Without enough fuel, it’ll run out.

  3. Love your assuredness of success. Do you think Ozymandias was bored ruling over the Nubians? I think the trick becomes keeping an inner circle close enough enough that will call you out on your shit, and see that despite being a man of immense power, you are still, just a man.

    Sent you an email.

    • Hey Noah,

      It’s true. Don’t let power go to your head. Having a circle of advisers who are willing to tell you the truth … and not be yes-men is smart.

      But even if you remain humble, will that stave off boredom?

  4. Great post…so true..keep inspiring and giving out to others and the universe will keep blessing you…

  5. Walt @ Found Success says:

    Inspiring post, Alex.

  6. This is a great article. How do you add those nifty quote boxes?

  7. Jeremy Truvillion says:

    Ha you went quite into detail there. Its crazy how ideas threw our words and actions can have a profound effect on our life. Your ah great writer man. I like the website, as well.

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