What Is Power and Why You Need It


What do you think about when you hear the word: power? If you’re like most people, you’ll view it as something bad. You probably associate it with a dictator, a sociopath, your boss, or someone with shaky morals. If you ask most people if they want power or not, they would respond, “I don’t know. I don’t really want to compromise my morals.”

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to compromise your morals to obtain power. Power doesn’t have to involve stealing (although it could). It doesn’t have to be bloody or violent (although it could be). It doesn’t even have to make the other person miserable (although it could).

Alright, so what is power?

It is needing someone less than he needs you.

This is important, so I will repeat it again.

Power is needing someone less than he needs you.

Examples of Power

There are many day-to-day examples of power at work — where one person need you a whole lot more than you need him. For example, you have power when you:

  • Become the only doctor in town.
  • Point a loaded gun at someone’s face.
  • Become a business’ largest customer.
  • Pulling someone over as a police officer.
  • Becoming the #1 bachelor in a town full of women, by being handsome, confident, successful, and wealthy.

In all the above examples, it does not really matter what the other person does. A patient refuses to see you as a doctor? No problem. Treat your other patients who are literally dying to see you. The victim refuses to cooperate? No problem. Pull the trigger and move on to someone else. The business refuses to meet your demands? No problem. Take your business and your money somewhere else. The person you pulled over refuses to obey you? No problem. Arrest him, throw in him jail, and continue on with your day. The girl rejected you? No problem. Move onto another girl who is even better.

If you are a power monger (and you should be), you will want to increase other people’s dependence on you, while at the same time, decrease your dependence on others. Doing so will limit the other parties’ options, while giving you more options.

With power, you can get whatever you want. If you want control, you got it. If you want freedom, you got it.

However, most people do not have control, let alone freedom.

The Average Person Is Powerless

Because a normal person does not have power, nor does he even think about acquiring it, he is subject to a lot of unnecessary hardships and abuses.

An average worker has no power over his employer. That is why his job is low-pay and requires low-skills. For $7.50 an hour, he jumps when the boss tells him to jump. Works when the boss tells him to work. His life is not his own. He constantly lives with stress and fear, for he is expendable. Any monkey can replace him.

An average college student has no power over her school. She has bought into a lie and thinks that going to college is the only option to a better and brighter future. She, along with millions of other students every year, plunge head-first into debt just to attend college. Again, she is replaceable if she stops going or if she fails out. She is expendable. Any monkey can replace her.

An average Joe has no power over young women, those between 18 years old to 29 years old. (I’m being quite generous with the age range for “young.”) He overvalues women — placing them on a pedestal. He bends backwards to be “nice,” which is a polite way of saying he will give into whatever women wants. Buy some stranger a drink? Yes, he does that. Let a platonic friend use him as an emotional tampon when she is complaining that there are no good guys in the world? Yep, guilty as charged. Making excuses for a bitch? Yeah, that too. If Joe ever wises up and grows a spine, a young woman will simply find someone else. Any monkey can replace him. (The cycle repeats itself until she gets too old, too fat, and too damaged to find a guy who is willing to put up with her bullcrap.)

Is this what you want for your life? To be average? To have your life dictated by someone else? To be powerless?

If not, read on …

Why You Must Acquire Power

Now you may say that all you want is your freedom. You do not want to lord over others. You just want to live a peaceful life. Even so, I urge you to seek power because it goes hand-in-hand with freedom. If you do not seek power, someone else will. Once he finds power, he will limit your options, restricting your freedom and your peace.

Look at what happened to the Native Americans when the pilgrims settled down in the US. The Indians used to roam the country with absolute freedom. But today, they are confined to patches of reserves here and there — in the wastelands, the deserts, and other places people don’t want to live in. Their once proud spirit has been broken by defeat, alcohol, and drugs. Do you think they would be in their current state today — on the fringe of society, with the government throwing them a few bones here and there — if they were powerful enough to resist the pilgrims?

At the very least, think of obtaining power as protecting yourself. It is kind of like wearing a seat belt or locking your house door. As you gain power, you become a check and balance to those who already have it. You cannot trust others with unchecked and unbalanced power. Absolute power will rot the soul. Eventually, they will become prideful, corrupt, and greedy. They will take as much as they can, at your expense.

Look at what happened on Wall Street in 2008. The big banks make a massive amount of money until the housing bubble popped. But by then, they are too big to fail. Government bailed them out, at a cost of trillions of dollars, all paid for by taxpayers. And of course, big banks got to keep most of the profits they made before the big collapse.

Without power, whose to say that you won’t end up like the Native Americans. Instead of living on reservations, you’ll get to live in the projects, or you’ll get to live with your parents. Many people are doing that already. It is a dog-eat-dog out there. Very few people will stand up for the little guy (you), unless they can get some benefit from it.

There are two ways you can live your life:

1) with power and on your own terms


2) without power and on someone else’s terms

I guarantee you that the first option is much, much sweeter than the second option. You can wake up when you want to wake up. Go where you want to go. Take what you want to take. Do what you want to do. Be around whomever you want to be with.

My question to you is:

Are you man enough to take your freedom? Are you man enough to seize power?

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  1. Having power will turn you into a self confident man! In these days only the few have the balls to take power and make it their own

    great post!

  2. I am still building up my power and can’t wait to unleash it to the world!(for the path of good that is).

    Nice post, Alex.

    “You cannot trust others with unchecked and unbalanced power. ”

    This is something that’s bothering me for awhile. The scale of power is unbalanced and the people who doesn’t deserve it, get most of it.

    • Alex Ding says:


      That is why I am keep on stressing the need for power. If you won’t take it, someone else will. The best way to protect yourself is to have it.

  3. I don’t know who you are Alex, but this article has been eye opening. When posed with the question of “what do I want most”, 9 times out of 10 I wouldn’t even hesitate to put power somewhere near the bottom of the list. It was a word that carried such a negative connotation in my book for reasons aforementioned. I could go on and on…



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