Why Few Women Are in Positions of Power

Answer from one of the few people in academia with common sense:

Short transcript:

There are a small number of insane men who will do nothing but work 80 hours a week.

So the end isn’t why aren’t there more women in position of power, it is why are there any men insane enough ever to occupy those positions.

We also know, and the data on this is very clear, what is the relationship between money and well-being? Once you have enough money to keep the bill collectors from your door, so once you have enough money to stave off misery, which is sort of lower-middle class … maybe a little lower, extra money does not help you. It does not improve your life. So why bother with it?

Well that’s what the women in the law firms think. It’s like most of them by the time they’re in their 30’s are married. Almost all of them are married to men who make as much money or more than they do because that’s what women go for cross-culturally, 4 – 5 years older, equal or higher in the socioeconomic status. So their husbands already make $350,000 a year so they think, well, I don’t need much more money.

The man use money to keep track of the competition, by the way, because all the male lawyers that I talk to are usually real hard-ass guys, really low in agreeableness, really high in conscientiousness, like conservative types, low in openness as well, and they want to win and the reason they care about their damn bonuses at the end of the year isn’t even so much because of the money but because they got a much bigger bonus than the other s-o-b sitting beside them and they’re happy about that.

So back to these women, you know, what they do in their 30’s, they look around, they hit partner, so they hit the pinnacle of the profession. They think, what the hell am I doing this for? Why would anyone in their right mind want to be woken up at 3 in the morning on Sunday by their irate Japanese client who wants them to work for the next 5 hours non-stop to fix this damn problem which is going to cost them 100 million dollars right now or we’ll find someone else to pay $750 / hour to fix it right now?

You think it’s a masculine form of value because what the criticism is. If the law firms just adopted a more feminine structure of value like what kind of bullshit is that. The reason that you get up at 3 in the morning on Sunday to talk to your Japanese client freaking out about their contract because if you don’t jump the hell up and do it right now, there’s some starving associate who’s unbelievably ambitious in New York who will pick up the pieces in 2/10th of a second and they’re smart and aggressive and they’ll take you out. So it has nothing to do with masculine structures and values, of all the foolish ideas. And you know, it is not just law where this happens. We know, for example, female doctors work far fewer hours too, so the more female doctors you have, the more doctors you’ll have to have.

And the more I see women in particular, you know, they hit 35 or 40 and they’re not married and they don’t have kids and they are not happy. Because what the hell are you going to do from the time you’re 40 until the time you’re 80? You got no family. You got no relationships. What are you going to do? Go run your company? Yeah, well, if you’re 1 in a 1000, that will satisfy you. So you bloody-well better make sure you’re that 1 in a 1000 and you’re probably not because those people are rare.

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  1. One in a 1000? What is meant by that?

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